Nissan has exit a new commercial because that the 2021 in march Madness tournament, entitled "The Chase," and it"s a most fun come watch. The advertisement starts at an everyday basketball video game when one airball sends the basketball under the street, forcing the shooter to jump in his Nissan and chase the wayward ball, bouncing v multiple states and also landscapes. In ~ first, the sphere is bouncing through San Francisco"s streets, then the next thing friend know, it"s bouncing in the direction of Indianapolis. The follow seems never to end, yet instead of gift frustrated, the male finds self on one adventure he wasn"t expecting. 

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While all of this is entertaining come watch, it"s not the reason why we room so interested in this commercial. It"s the song. This fun, upbeat, and also funky track had actually viewers bouncing in their seats the same way the basketball did transparent the commercial, though not everyone might recognize it. Instead of waiting by your TV with your favorite smartphone application on standby, we have the answer for you ideal here. 


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The music manager must have actually reached deep into the old repertoire for this commercial; return it"s airing in 2021, "The Boo Boo Song" by King Coleman was released. The track starts with female singers chanting, "A searching we will go, A searching we will certainly go, we will record that fox and also put that in a box and also will no let him go," setting the scene by beginning with a cheerful intro that provides the challenging task seem much less challenging. The song starts in the advertisement as shortly as among the players says, "Come on, man," making that a perfect speak to and solution between the script and also music.

Once the Nissan takes turn off on the chase, King Coleman division in with a scat-sounding mumbo-jumbo to sing that"s difficult not to wiggle to. Throughout this time, both the song and the scene are fast and chaotic, together the basketball travel further and also further away. The song gradually evolves its true kind of funk/soul v clearer lyrics, placing viewers" attention ago on the commercial, as the basketball bounces turn off a semi-truck and freeway overpasses.

By the finish of the commercial, trumpets get in the music arena, and the basketball proceeds to bounce down the road. Return the actor never actually records up with the basketball, the doesn"t matter; what matters is the chase to recognize this an excellent song is over.