Knowing the best towel bar height, toilet paper holder height, and other bathroom dimensions will help you knock out the final details of her bathroom remodel or makeover and also know you acquired it right!

Since share our understand bathroom renovation, I’ve been surprised by how countless detailed questions I’ve gotten about measurements in ours bathroom. Every little thing from toilet document holder elevation to the height and also size that our shower head niche, and more. So this particular day I’m sharing all the tips and measurements the you’ll should make designing and decorating your bathroom a breeze!

Even if you didn’t simply buy a bath towel rack or TP holder that you need to hang or you aren’t about to jump into a restroom makeover, this tips room ones to save on hand to describe down the road!


 Ready to get started? Let’s go (affiliate links consisted of in post; complete disclosure statement easily accessible here)…

Towel Bar Height

The standard recommendation for towel bar height is 48″ from the floor come the center of the bar – I often tend to hang mine in between 44-48″ high. Once determining the best towel bar elevation for your space, take it into factor to consider how her bathroom is laid out (sometimes the placement of outlets and also light switches can influence things) and who is walking to usage it (for example, you could want a lower towel bar height in a children bathroom).


The bath towel bar above in our powder room isn’t the prettiest of choices (it was here when us bought the house) yet I purchase this towel bar because that our guest bathroom and really love that – standard yet updated! These room a few other favourite towel bars – many come in numerous finish options (Scroll & Click/Tap pictures to Shop Them):

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Guest toilet Sources: Vanity faucet | Faucet handles | Chrome bath towel ring | Gray vanity (similar) | Brass and also pearl vanity knobs 

Robe Hook Height

Along v being offered for robes, robe hooks are a great alternative to towel bars too! The recommended robe hook elevation in her bathroom is in between 55-70″ over the floor. Mine are inserted at 67″ high and about 10″ apart:


I provided these robe hooks which come in four different finish options. Mine are the gold Champagne finish:


Toilet paper Holder Height

The recommended elevation for your toilet record holder is 26″ from the floor to the center of the TP roll. It’s also recommended the the center of your toilet file roll be inserted 8-12″ in front of the front in salt of her toilet. To find the ideal measurement within that 8-12″ to location it, sit top top the toilet through your eye closed and also reach to wherein you’d expect to naturally find your TP roll (if multiple civilization use the bathroom, have actually them all do this and also then mountain it in ~ the typical distance). And also yes, you will certainly feel stupid while doing this – ha!


Sources: Brushed brass toilet document holder (comes in various other finishes too) | restroom | boil toilet chair | Woven trash have the right to | Llama planter | Woven toilet tray – HomeGoods

Shower Niche Height

While there is no traditional shower niche height, about 48-60″ is a good target range. The interior width of my shower niche is 12 3/4″ and width the the larger footrest niche (where I placed my foot for shaving) is 7″. I added the heights that I determined for mine to a pic of our shower head so you have the right to see exactly what ns went with:


Shower sources: Driftwood teak shower bench | shower head head (satin nickel) | shower head valve trim (satin nickel) | Hand shower (satin nickel) | Marble wall tile | Hexagon floor brick | Grout: Mapei Frost | Square shower drainpipe (satin nickel)

A good tile person will take into account whereby the tile bordering the niche begins and also ends once determining the exact shower niche height and also size. Because that example, you have the right to see exactly how my large niche up height is perfect sandwiched between the surrounding shower tile v only complete tile pieces both over and below it. As soon as deciding because that the size of mine bottom footrest niche, ns didn’t desire it come be as tall as two full tiles so our tile man lined that up perfect on the bottom and then made it precisely 1 1/2 tile pieces high.

If you’re walk to divide your shower head niche in half so that you have two shelves choose mine, that likewise looks ideal when the shelf is aligned with the bordering tile (the height of mine shelf is aligned v the height of the surrounding wall surface tile). Specifically how you division the two shelves is totally personal preference but I separated mine roughly in thirds v 1/3 of the room below (for soap and a sponge) and 2/3 the the space above (for shampoo & conditioner pumps):


On shower head Niche Shelves: Shampoo & Conditioner Pump Bottles (16 oz white/gold) | human body brush | Sea sponge

Sconce Height

There’s really no one “right” height to hang wall surface sconces because it counts so much upon wherein they’re being used. When they’re flanking a winter in the bathroom winter you typically want to cave them in ~ eye level whereby they illuminate your challenge – however be certain not to hang them so high the the bulbs room visible when you’re standing next to them. In ours bathroom, this meant that the distance from the floor come the facility of the back plate of our sconces is around 62″.


Sources: base sink | Sconces | winter is no longer obtainable but this mirror is similar

The standard reference for how much apart to mountain sconces flanking a bathroom mirror is 36″ – 40″ however a lot relies upon the width of your mirror (and the place of the wall studs may also play a role).

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Our bathroom winter is reasonably narrow therefore our sconces space hung 33″ personally (measured indigenous the center of one sconce to the center of the other). Trust her eye on this one!

Vanity light Height

I’ve additionally gotten some questions around how I decided on the elevation of my vanity lights and mirror – honestly, I totally eyeballed it! yet here room the exact measurements if you desire to re-create the look:


Vanity Area Sources: Wood & rattan dual vanity | Vanity knobs | restroom faucets – brushed nickel | Vanity lamp | Vanity mirrors – gold | Woven algae tray top top vanity | Cross basic planter | Marble stacking bowl | Soap & lotion sink collection with tray | Toothbrush holder | Bamboo toothbrushes | Gray & white striped towels | Robe hooks – golden champagne

I expect you guys discover these an easy measurements come be useful for either currently or down the road (be sure to pin a pic or two from this write-up if you want to be able to find that later)! If girlfriend have any questions around sources because that anything in the pics i shared, there’s a complete source list because that our guest restroom in this post, because that our flour room in this post, and for our master bathroom in this post. 

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