Sabal Palm (Cabbage Palmetto)

(Arecaceae Sabal palmetto) embraced in 1953.

The 1953 legislative branch designated the sabal palm, (Arecaceae Sabal palmetto,) as the Florida State Tree. This palm is the many widely distributed in the state and also possesses a majesty that sets the apart from other trees. It grows in practically any soil and also has countless uses including food and also medicine. That is also used widely for landscaping due to the fact that of its global popularity. In addition, the 1970 Florida legislative branch mandated that the sabal palm should replace the cocoa palm top top the Florida State Seal.

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Florida State Tree: Sabal Palm (Cabbage Palmetto)


Cabbage palmetto, (Sabal palmetto,) is the many northerly and abundant that the indigenous tree palms. Various other names sometimes used are Carolina palmetto, common palmetto, palmetto, and cabbage-palm. This medium-sized unbranched evergreen palm commonly grows ~ above sandy shores, along brackish marshes, in seacoast woodlands that Southeastern unified States and throughout peninsular Florida. It can tolerate a broad selection of floor conditions and also is often planted together a street tree. Abundant fruit crops carry out a great supply that food to numerous kinds that wildlife.

Identification the the Sabal Palm (Cabbage Palmetto)

Leaf: Alternate, palmately compound, fan shaped; leaflets very long (4 come 6 feet) and lance shaped, sheet stalks are long, extend through the leaf, and are without sharp edges; environment-friendly in color, all at once leaf practically round and several feet long. Flower: tiny white flowers developing on huge (several feet), branched clusters, showing up in beforehand summer. Fruit: Fleshy drupe, virtually round, 1/3 come 1/2 inch across, dark shiny blue, maturing in early fall and persistent into the winter. Twig: Absent, because leaves show up directly out of unbranched trunk. Bark: Gray brown, tough, splits vertically. Form: tall (to 80 feet), straight trunk v a short rounded crown.

Florida Law

The law designating the sabal palmetto palm together the main Florida state tree is discovered in the Florida Statutes, location 4, chapter 15, ar 15.03.

Taxonomic Hierarchy: Sabal Palmetto Palm

Kingdom: Plantae - tree Subkingdom: Tracheobionta - Vascular tree Superdivision: Spermatophyta - Seed plants Division: Magnoliophyta - Flowering tree Class: Liliopsida - Monocotyledons Subclass: Arecidae Order: Arecales Family: Arecaceae ⁄ Palmae - Palm family Genus: Sabal Adans. - palmetto Species: Sabal palmetto (Walter) Lodd. Ex Schult. & Schult.

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F. - cabbage palmetto