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The National football League is full of franchises through iconic team logos. An ext so 보다 the NBA, MLB and also NHL, NFL teams have actually the many recognizable symbols. The Green only Packers have actually their G. The Falcons and Ravens have actually their dirty birds. Jacksonville has actually their Jaguars, brand-new York has actually their large Blue and the Vikings and also Texans have actually their horns.

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The New olions Saints team has…well, whatever the hell that thing is.

Old yellow Saints fans have been rocking the NFC and yelling “Who Dat?” due to the fact that the Saints’ inception. Few sports teams and sports logos have much more visibility than the Saints football team logo, yet many world don’t understand what the symbol means.

What is the logo of the Super key XLIV champions, the New Orleans Saints, and how walk they gain it?

What is the new Orleans Saints Logo?

The brand-new Orleans Saints logo is a fleur-de-lis. ‘Fleur’ and also ‘lis’ space French for ‘flower’ and ‘lily,’ respectively.

It is a classic representation the a lily flower that has actually a long background pre-dating American football. It’s a price of beauty, hope and royalty. In the past two centuries, the fleur-de-lis has involved represent the civilization of brand-new Orleans, as well.

The Saint’s colors are black, gold and white. Brand-new Orleans’ fleur-de-lis is constantly represented by some combination of these colors, despite the exact logo style has adjusted throughout the franchise’s background (more on the in a moment).

Even in the NFL’s new, controversial “color rush” age of different uniforms, the Saints’ major colors stay the same, as does their primary logo.


Fleur-de-lis throughout History

Reporter: The expectation coming right into the season to be a at sight Bowl. Perform you still feel that's the expectation?

Kamara: perform I still gained a Fleur-de-lis on mine helmet? Alright then.
FOX8NOLA pic.twitter.com/buBJEPnWSw

— Garland Gillen (
garlandgillen) September 19, 2019

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Alvin Kamara knows what’s up.

The history that the fleur-de-lis goes means beyond new Orleans and even American history. The flower symbolized the French crown and also the residence of Bourbon long prior to it concerned the states, which defines its connection with brand-new Orleans French history.

Legend has it the very first fleur-de-lis sprang native a tear burned by Eve together she left the Garden of Eden. Since then, the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph have been pictured holding a fleur-de-lis, i beg your pardon is technically a type of lily.

The lily has become a symbol that the boy Scouts and new Orleans below in the unified States. Indigenous the new Orleans Pelicans uniforms to the flag of the Louisiana creolian People, that is a symbol that has involved represent the civilization of Louisiana. That’s why, when brand-new Orleans got their first professional football team in the so late ’60s, everyone south of Baton Rouge knew what the logo would be.


The Symbol’s Controversial Past involving Slavery

I mean, while we an altering shitt up, what around the
Saints symbol the “Fleur-de-lis. Slave owners branded slaves with this symbol as punishment for running away.. Pic.twitter.com/ytUfIClUwb

— Gwen Berry OLY (
MzBerryThrows) June 19, 2020

The fleur-de-lis symbol was actually supplied by slaveowners to mark slaves who ran away, follow to USA Today, that spoke withslave chronicler Dr. Ibrahima Seck.

“He would be taken prior to a court and also the sentence would certainly be gift branded on one shoulder and with the fleur-de-lis, and also then castle would chop their ears,” Seck said.

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“As an afri I find it painful, and I think people whose ancestors to be enslaved below may feeling it also harder than I execute as one African.”

Obviously, the symbol doesn’t average the same thing today. Yet it’s essential to recognize exactly how it was offered in the past. Part have argued that the Saints should readjust their logo since of this.

New Orleans logo History

A an option of new Orleans Saints media guides. I simply love the Saints helmet, colors and logo. Pic.twitter.com/wKqFkutkuB