The uniform worn by FFA members at local, state and national attributes is referred to as Official Dress. It provides identity and also gives a distinctive and recognizable picture to the organization and its members. Official Dress has actually been worn through pride by numerous FFA members because 1933.

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The official FFA coat was established by the delegates at the 1933 nationwide FFA Convention. Official Dress requirements were produced by the delegates at the 1973 nationwide convention and also most freshly revised by the delegates in ~ the 2016 nationwide FFA Convention & Expo.

Official dress GuidelinesOfficial dress for an FFA member includes:

An official FFA coat zipped come the top.Black slacks and also black socks/nylons or black color skirt and black nylons.White collared blouse or white collared shirt.Official FFA tie or main FFA scarf.Black dress shoes v closed heel and toe.

Note: main garb of well-known religions may it is in worn with main Dress

See her FFA advisor to stimulate an main FFA Jacket!



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The Wyoming FFA, Inc. Is a resource and support company that does no select, control or supervise local chapter member tasks except together expressly provided for in the State FFA Constitution, bylaws, or policies.

FFA Mission and also Motto

Mission – FFA provides a positive distinction in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, an individual growth and career success through agricultural education.

Motto – learning to Do, Doing come Learn, Earning to Live, living to Serve.

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Wyoming FFA Multimedia Recording and also Usage Policy

The Wyoming FFA and also Wyoming FFA structure staff and also its designees may catch photos, video and various other recordings of entrants before, during and also after all occasions at the Wyoming FFA Convention, Wyoming State Fair and also FIRE/CPC Conferences. Please be mindful that all tape-recorded media might be used by the Wyoming FFA and Wyoming FFA structure in future print materials, online products (including the websites and facebook accounts) signage, slideshows, podcasts, videos and other uses in physical and also digital forms. Attendance of the Wyoming State FFA Convention, Wyoming State same and/or FIRE/CPC Conference indicates your consent to it is in photographed, videotaped and also otherwise videotaped for these purposes.