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How many different varieties of cells are there?

There are plenty of different types of cells. For example, in friend there space blood cells and also skin cells and also bone cells and even bacteria. Right here we have drawings of bacteria and also human cells. Deserve to you phone call which depicts various varieties of bacteria? However, all cells - whether from bacteria, human, or any type of other organism - will certainly be one of two general types. In fact, every cells other than bacteria will certainly be one type, and bacterial cells will be the other. And also it all counts on just how the cell stores that DNA.

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Prokaryotic Cells

Prokaryotic cells space cells there is no a nucleus. The DNA in prokaryotes cells is in the cytoplasm quite than enclosed in ~ a nuclear membrane. Prokaryotic cells are discovered in single-celled organisms, such as bacteria, choose the one shown in Figure below. Organisms through prokaryotic cell are called prokaryotes. They to be the first type of biology to evolve and also are tho the most typical organisms today.


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What varieties of organisms are prokaryotic? What organisms have actually eukaryotic cells? Compare prokaryotic to eukaryotic bio cells. Define where the DNA is situated in a prokaryotic cell.

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