Whether girlfriend love the or hate him, it’s difficult to deny Kanye West’s affect in both the fashion and music industry. His leaked tune “XCTY” left anyone in shock end his controversial lyrics, and also his new fashion publication are constantly highly anticipated by fans. Throughout the years, his format has consistently evolved, solidifying his function as among the world’s biggest trendsetters. 

Most young teens in 2019 space rocking at least one item of Kanye West fashion: even if it is it it is in Yeezys, baggy shirts, baggy sweatpants, or a stoic frown plastered on their faces.

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smashville247.net Is Kanye West?

If you in which method haven’t heard of Kanye West, here’s a small refresher. That burst into the rap scene in the so late 1990s yet gained the attention of the masses in 2004 through his first album The university Dropout. He’s additionally infamous because that his long and explosive rants (let’s not forget the 2008 VMAs incident) and his fashion choices. Kanye West’s apparel is for this reason anticipated that posts speculating his next Yeezy release space written basically every time he pipeline the house.

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Kanye West’s above Style

Kanye West’s format usually consists of luxury designer pieces, rubber shoes, and his signature frown. Some of his favourite developers include Dior, Versace, Gucci, luigi Vuitton, and also Balmain. Like most designers, his personal style influenced his Yeezy garments line. Any Kanye fan can tell you that he loves shoes and also it reflects with his many collaborations from Giuseppe Zanotti to Nike. He loves sneakers especially, and you can see that in enhancement to put on his very own shoes, he reflects appreciation because that Vans, Adidas, Reeboks, and tons other sneaker brands! 

He’s never afraid to push the limits of what men’s fashion can be and is very adventurous in his style. And also while his apparel is often expensive (a Kanye West shirt might cost approximately $AUD100) civilization are still quick to snap it up!

The official Top 20 best Kanye Looks

Let’s take it a look at some of the many iconic outfits the rapper has worn over the years:

Kanye West In an All-Black Ensemble

Kanye West in boots: surname a an ext iconic duo! He’s often seen in Timberlands and baggy sweats worn in a monochromatic outfit. His flexibility shows once he wears different variations that a simple all-black outfit, showcasing his creativity and style.


Kanye put on A Hoodie, Joggers, and also Yeezys

Whenever Kanye West shoes room released (the notorious Yeezys), sneakerheads almost everywhere camp outside of shop to gain their hands on a pair – talk around dedication.

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He is collaborated with both Adidas and Nike, and as a result, dozens that incarnations of his shoes have actually besmashville247.nete super renowned worldwide. Kanye himself is recognized for wearing different versions the his very own unreleased Yeezys, and also then no releasing them; leaving fans to wonder what to mean in his following release.