While numerous companies have policies the ensure employees do not use unauthorized building material in the workplace, the adopted guidelines space friendly at Costco. They require a created consent type that is signed come authorize testing.

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Costco has applied a straightforward policy on alcohol and also drug testing.

This policy ensures employees, members, and suppliers" health and also safety concerning a safe working and shopping environment.

Facts about Costco’s medicine Testing

Costco"s alcohol and drug trial and error regime (Costco wholesale Drug and Alcohol-Free workplace Policy) incorporates four instances that warrant compliance from project applicants and employees.

Pre-Employment Testing

If you are seeking employment in ~ Costco, you will certainly go v the common interview process. However, together a last applicant being taken into consideration for a position, you will be forced to happen a drug test prior to receiving an unconditional sell of employment. All rehires for part-time, full-time, or seasonal employed must also pass the test before working because that the company.

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Reasonable skepticism Testing

If you have actually been hired and are already working at Costco and also a manager suspects the you are using or room under the influence of an not authorised substance, you might be compelled to undergo an alcohol and/or medicine test.

A manager may deduce this from objective factors, such together your speech and behavior when conducting agency business or utilizing company equipment, vehicles, or machinery.

Any various other information details to her workplace, attracted from facts and also based ~ above reasonable conclusions, can be offered to initiate this testing.

Post-Accident Testing

In the case of a work-related accident, you might be compelled to submit to a drug and also alcohol test if the firm reasonably believes the you contributed or straight caused it.

In this situation, the accident may have actually caused injury to you yourself or another person who requires off-site medical treatment or may have actually resulted in damages to firm property, machinery, equipment, or vehicles.

In the immediate results of such an accident, you are compelled to inform your manager also when the injury or damage is minor. The test is carried out as shortly as feasible following the accident.

You room at that suggest removed indigenous the execution the safety-sensitive attributes until the last results of the test room available.

Return come Duty and also Follow-Up Testing

If you room an employee the Costco who has actually signed a Contract for continued Employment (CCE) and you have undergone a problem abuse evaluation, pass an alcohol and/or drug test is mandatory prior to you are allowed to return to duty.

The testimonial may have actually been done with the care Network or using various other resources. The care Network has licensed providers who are qualified or certified in alcohol and drug abuse treatment, counseling, workplace issues, and also other connected areas.

However, also if you happen this test, you will still be subject to follow-up experimentation for increase to 2 years, in ~ times and also frequencies established by the company.

Conducting A drug Test in ~ Costco

If you are a project applicant and also refuse to undergo a medicine test or test hopeful for drugs, Costco will certainly not hire you. Over there is a one year waiting period before you will certainly be eligible to reapply for employment through the company.

A Costco employee that refuses to undergo a medicine test or tests hopeful will have their employment terminated.

The firm uses oral swabs to test specimens for marijuana, opiates such together heroin and morphine, cocaine, amphetamines, phencyclidine, benzodiazepine, methadone, and also MET. Other substances may likewise be experiment according come the dictates that applicable law.

In instance of one accident, an employee will also be forced to carry out urine samples because that post-incident testing.

Oral liquid Drug Testing

This is a simple technique where the oral liquid is accumulated under straight observation. This stays clear of the possibility of specimen adulteration. This test can detect a medicine in the oral liquid up come 48 hours after critical use.

The early screening test is done using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) microplate technology. The oral liquid specimens are tested because that the complying with drugs:

Cannabinoid (THC)CocaineOpiates (codeine, morphine, 6-acetyl morphine)PropoxypheneBarbituratesPhencyclidine (PCP)BenzodiazepinesAmphetamine/methamphetamine/ecstasyEthyl Alcohol

If the early screening is positive, the sample is shown through massspectrometry.

Urine medicine Screening

For pee tests, specimen validity trial and error is performed at the same time with the initial drug screens. This is aimed at reducing instances of tampering. Trial and error for creatinine and specific gravity are used to determine substituted, adulterated, or dilute specimens. A clinical Review Officer evaluates specimen validity check results.

Substituted specimen-This is determined by extreme creatinine and specific gravity results. The specimen might be water or water through salt in it.Adulterated specimen-Another product is added to the specimen come mask the visibility of a drug.Diluted specimen-ingestion of big amounts that water prior to urine donation. Such a specimen may an outcome in a false negative.

Presumptive confident drug display screens are generally confirm using Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS).

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Urine drug tests can detect any kind of of the complying with substances:

Marijuana metaboliteCocaineMethamphetamineHydrocodone/hydromorphoneOxycodone/oxymorphoneBenzodiazepinesMethadonePhencyclidine (PCP)AmphetamineOpiatesBarbituratesPropoxyphene

Importance of Drug testing At Costco

The company’s policy on alcohol and drug testing is set to accomplish several objectives:

To determine potential impairments the may bring about a workplace occurrence – injury or death of the involved employee or fellow workers because of slower reaction time or an obstacle in comprehension.To resolve productivity worries that arise native substance use – poor coordination, lateness, absenteeism (which might arise indigenous hospital morbidity), and also decreased attention span.To prevent potential damage to the organization’s reputation.Post-incident trial and error helps to defend the firm if over there is any type of litigation arising from the accident.