Hey y’all! ns a recent employee that CVS (since mid February) and also I acquired bumped come a transition supervisor! today I took a medicine test for the position, yet I smoked we*d about 2-3 weeks earlier (the 25th of may at a concert). I took a couple of hits. Didn’t get high. Go anyone know CVS hiring policy on marijuana?

Things to note: ns live in Michigan, weed has actually been legal. And also the last time i smoked had actually to have been mid 2018. Also I remain hydrated and am not on any form of diet. I am greatly wondering about states who have legalized/recreation weed laws, and how that results the medicine testing process with CVS.

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CVS no care around states legalization status. Yet you’ll most likely be good honestly. Ns went from being an day-to-day smoker and also quit because that a month prior to i take it my medicine test to acquire promoted. I would have suggested some cheap amazon drug tests beforehand however you currently did the test lol. I’m sure you’ll be fine tho.

I have a lot of of day-to-day users together friends and they can get clean without any kind of supplement in two weeks, and here ns am acquiring nervous around two access time from virtually 3 weeks ago lmao. Give thanks to you!

Not completely true. Together a SM in Michigan, I've successfully convinced my DL to disregard pot double for employees I've wanted. Granted this was earlier when it was only permitted for medical and they both had their cards.

Probably not in your device anymore. Quantity of time the marijuana stays in mechanism is dependent on exactly how much you smoke, exactly how regularly you carry out so, and also body fat. The much less you smoke and the lower your human body fat the much less time that takes to dip listed below a detectable level in pee tests.

Edit - marijuana is federally illegal therefore the company wide policy is that weed is not ok regardless of just how your state feels around it

I failed my drug test about two years earlier and i was additionally internally supported from a cashier come a change sup. I eat edibles pretty on regular basis so the wasn't easy to get out of my system even though ns went about 2 mainly without any kind of THC. My promo was accepted however I had a CA state medical card and my SM and DL had to grant it after my clinical card was confirmed so if you carry out fail you far better have a clinical reason to backup your usage and your SM much better like friend a lot, exact same with DL.

I’m sure since CVS is currently selling CBD oil and products infused with CBD end the counter, they might give a rats ass around you cigarette smoking marijuana.

They tho care; the illegal ~ above the federal level and also I’ve had new hires newly fail their medicine tests since (I’m assuming) they assumed they would be fine because it’s legal in my state.

CBD commodities have cannabinoids native marijuana, however no THC i m sorry is responsible for providing you a high.

Marijuana has actually THC which provides you high.

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Products that are marketed are likewise topical which will certainly not acquire into your system thus not testing positive from an urinalysis even if that did have any type of THC in it.