Does CVS medicine test because that pre-employment? This is a typical question top top the psychic of numerous job seekers who want to occupational at of among the largest companies in America. Selecting to job-related at CVS isn’t just a momentary opportunity. Rather, that a an excellent place to get on the task experience and also work for a lengthy time.

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An problem that the recreational drug user might challenge is that of a surprise medicine test. Not understanding whether or no CVS tests for drugs could an outcome in friend going in for your task interview unprepared, failing the test, and also not obtaining the job. It is why ns performed study on the inquiry whether or no CVS medicine tests for pre-employment.

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Does CVS carry out Pre-Employment medicine Test?

CVS agency Facts

CVS, or CVS health Corporation, was founded in 1922 together the Melville Corporation. In 1996, 74 years later, it came to be CVS. The that company headquarters are situated in Rhode Island, currently employing virtually quarter the a million world throughout the country. In 2018, CVS ranked saturday on the united state Fortune 500 in terms of complete revenue.

There room a range of jobs available, together one would expect, in together a large company. Girlfriend can apply to occupational as a pharmacist, pharmacy tech, or an employee in various other medical areas like parenting or optometry. Over there are consistent retail jobs obtainable too, prefer working as a cashier.

Keep analysis to find OutHow to pass Your medicine Test

Does CVS carry out Random and also Pre-Promotional medicine Test?

Yes, CVS randomly exam its employees because that drugs. Passing the pre-employment medicine test doesn’t average you can safely go back to making use of drugs recreationally. Doing for this reason will get you fired if you space subject to a surprise random drug test.

Additionally, if you show up to be high in ~ work, or if you’re involved in a work-related related accident, you will do it be tested for drugs. However, if you’re simply clumsy and not high, climate you have no concerns (just shot not to keep getting affiliated in accidents). If your drug test is confident for any kind of illicit substance, that will an outcome in your being fired.

People who are up for promotion will likewise be subjected to a medicine test. Therefore, you have to refrain from taking any type of recreational drug well in advancement of any anticipated pre-promotional medicine test. This way, you can well be sure that your mechanism is clear of any kind of drugs when you take the test. No added preparation needed.

What sort of medicine Test go CVS Use?

CVS supplies a urine medicine test, which is bring away off-site. You will certainly be given a perform of clinics to pick from, in ~ which you will certainly be asked to urinate in a cup for entry for testing.

Can girlfriend Fail Your medicine Test because that Being top top Prescription Drugs?

There’s no possibility that you’ll fail to be hired due to the fact that you tested positive for drugs exclusively as the result of taking prescription drugs. Naturally, the test has no method of informing whether the drugs in her urine are prescription or recreational. Therefore, you have to let the testers recognize prior come the test the you room on prescription drugs.

To reiterate, you should educate the company in breakthrough of any type of test that you’re top top prescription meds. At the very same time, you should provide CVS your doctor’s contact info so the the firm can confirm you room on prescription.

Note the your doctor isn’t enabled to tell CVS what medicine you’ve been prescribed or why you require them. You’re not obliged come tell lock either.

How to pass a medicine Test at CVS?

You have the following three options (depending on her level the use and time till her test) for enhancing your odds that passing your urine drug test:

If you are a hefty user, you abstain native using any kind of drugs, particularly marijuana, because that at the very least a month and a fifty percent before her test. If you space moderate user, you need to refrain indigenous drugs because that 10 to12 days prior to your test, and a irradiate user for as much as 4 come 6 days before the test.

3.If you nothing have enough time to complete a Toxin to escape program, on your medicine test day you may think about using a decoding drink favor Mega Clean (50%/50% possibility of working).

There are numerous other heavily advocated “detox” drink on the market that users try taking prior to their medicine tests. We have reviewed numerous of them. For this reason far, Mega Clean is still the most efficient among all of them.

We have seen in emergency cases where the medicine test is unsupervised some hefty users trying come use artificial urine. However, over there is always the hazard of gift caught and also facing significant penalties for such action.


In summary, the answer is yes, CVS drug tests for pre-employment. Employment hopefuls that are hefty users must refrain from making use of drugs at least a month and also a fifty percent before castle take your urine medicine test. Drug tests are lugged out randomly in ~ CVS and mandatory for any promotion.

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