Have you ever before heard of a boy going out right into their backyard to discover a small, scale-covered friend? perhaps you to be that little explorer. One reasonably harmless critter to capture while out in the sunlight was a lizard. But, did you ever before stop come think about what lock ate, how they discovered their food, or if they necessary water? In this article, us will explore the diet of lizards and what makes these scaly friends therefore unique.

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Lizards have the right to either be carnivorous or herbivorous, depending on the studied species.Herbivoreswill consume a selection offruits, leaves and also other greens.Carnivorous lizardseat meat such asinsects, worms, eggs, lizards, rodents, snakes, birds and also abandoned carcasses.

The diet that a lizard depends on a number of variables such as habitat, body size and obtainable prey items.

Now that you have actually a general idea around what these animals eat, how can you tell them apart from various other reptiles?


Remember the suborderSquamata? This is thelargest recognized suborderbelonging toReptilia. Lizards make up a great percentage. In fact, there room almost5,000 speciesoverall. Given the reality that lizards can be found oneach continent as well as Antarctica, the diets of this reptiles vary in between species.

Looking in ~ a couple of more well-known species of lizards help to master what these pets are qualified of eat on a everyday basis.


Located under the familyChamaeleonidae, these lizards are among some the the more unique individuals. These animals are most iconic because that their ability tochange color and also having long, extendable tongues and a comb behind your heads. Theirfeetare another solid indicator together they room able to easily grip branches.

The vast majority of chameleons live on the continent ofAfricawith a few species being scattered across pockets ofEurope, Asia and also Madagascar. Castle live inwarmer atmospheres such together rain forests and desertswhere they space able to take it refuge in trees or on dried branches.

Did you understand that a chameleon can extend the tongue more than twice its body length? This is very useful tactic as they largely prey ~ above insects, particularlygrasshoppers, crickets, stick insects and locusts. There space a couple of larger varieties that will certainly prey uponinjured bird or lizards. Chameleons have also been known to eatplant materialwhen insects aren’t abundant.


Another popular lizard, the gecko, belongs to the familyEublepharidae. Castle share every one of the characteristic traits that a lizard possesses other than for itslack of eyelids. Have actually you ever observed a gecko lick its eye? This is to add moisture in the warmer climates. These lizards are rather adaptive, livingaround the human being aside indigenous Antarctica in rain forests, deserts and mountainous ranges.

Geckos make up a larger section of tape-recorded lizards. In fact, there room a small over2,000 gecko speciescurrently taped by biologists. Remember exactly how the chameleon was well-known for their modified feet? The gecko is the same.On the finish of every toe is a pad that aids in climbing vertical structures. This is due to the small hairs that allow them to stick to surfaces. In the wild, this might be a useful tactic.

The fact around geckos is the they are fairly the tenacious predator. They will eat anything smaller sized than their very own body weight. Their favorite enjoy the meal is frequently acricket or grasshopper, yet they will certainly prey onother invertebrates such as spiders and scorpions.


A smaller group of lizards, iguanas, is much less widespread and uniquely modified. Theselarger bodied pets with a long tail and also long spines along the backcharacterize the familyIguanidaeor the iguanas. There are a total of35 separate speciesknown come date.

These reptiles are discovered in the more humid areas of the world. This includesSouth America, main America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. They have tendency to occupytropical habitats, though some are discovered near thecoastal waters.

Compared come the formerly discussed types of lizards, iguanas are practically strictlyherbivorous, meaning that theyrely on tree matterto survive. Such vegetation includesleaves, roots, fruits, and also flowers. Iguanas the stick near water will eatalgaethat flourish along the rocky shoreline.

Komodo Dragons

You can’t talk about these reptiles without the largest well-known lizard to exist. The Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) belongs to the familyVaranidaeor the screen lizards. They are set apart from other lizards for their powerful jaws. With a reptile averaging about70 kilograms in weight, the Komodo dragon is the king of every lizards.

This type of lizard lives exclusively on theSundra region of the Indonesian archipelago. You may have actually guessed the it was called after the “Komodo Island”, whereby it was an initial discovered in 1910. Your habitat frequently involvestropical savannah forests, despite you have the right to run right into them onriverbeds, beaches, and also open lowlands.

With together a powerful jaw, the Komodo dragon can take down a larger range of prey. Though, this isn’t the only trait the it provides to hunt. They additionally have avenomous bite that will certainly paralyze your prey. These pets arecarnivores, preying on assorted meat items such asinsects, wild pigs, deer, water buffalo, eggs and also other lizards. Adults will conserve energy by consumingcarrion, or pet carcasses.

At first glance, the Legless lizard may be mistaken for a snake. The familyPygopodidae, or legless lizards, deserve to be tricky to distinguish with theirlong body that lack limbs. If you were to view these reptiles increase close, you may notice a groove under the size of the body. This is wherein the foot would flourish if they were to have actually legs. This animals additionally have eyelids, i m sorry snakes carry out not.

Legless lizards live in a variety of habitats includinghillsides, grasslands, and prairies. Castle are also found in a couple of different continents.North America, Europe, Australia, and Asiamake up the most commonly found areas.

Did you know that some legless lizards actually have actually limbs? nevertheless of their easily accessible appendages, these reptiles are recognized for searching downinsects, worms and tiny mammalsthat aren’t as well large. They usage their slender bodies to glide across the ground in search of slower prey

HOW carry out LIZARDS discover THEIR PREY?

Depending top top the form of lizard, every of these cold-bodied animals one or an ext of their traits to discover food.

SensesIf you were to examine a lizard’s body, friend might an alert that theeyes are rather enlarged. The gecko is a perfect example of this. This is wherein their senses come in. The bulk of lizards actuallyuse their eyesightto uncover potential food, staying completely still until they see bug or a worm cross your vision.

Most lizards are known for having actually a tongue the is tiny and ring so that it will continue to be out of the way. Other individuals, such together the Komodo dragon, sports aforked tongue. They use this exciting organ come pinpoint the direction and also proximity of their prey, lot like a snake would.

VenomWhen considering words “venom”, you most likely picture a snake, right? Well, lizards can likewise share this adaptation. Screen lizards and also iguanas have actually been recognized to re-publishing the location of “venomous reptiles”. Snakes usage their gift to both wound and paralyze your prey. Lizards, on the various other hand, just want torender the enemy useless and also unable to run away. The bacter secreted in this venom is temporary, together it does not kill.

Although the believed of a venomous lizard may be unsettling, the amount of venom in many of this reptiles can not seriously harm a human. And far better yet, there are approximately100 types with venom the end of the known 5,000 species.

ThermoregulationOne known fact around lizards is their ability to continue to be still, particularly when in quest of a meal. Lizards areectotherms, an interpretation that lock can’t store their own bodies warmth as us can. Instead, they mustrely on your environment. Through staying fully still in the sun, a lizard can thermoregulate, or gain energy from the sun. This helps them be able to attack when the moment is right.

CamouflageA beneficial tool that lizards usage to uncover their food is through successful hiding. Have actually you noticed what shade the scales space on these reptiles? Typically, theymatch their surroundings. For instance, the spotted leopard gecko fits in amongst the sandy pebbles. Chameleons, ~ above the other hand, can readjust their color to enhance the substrate about them. Some chameleons need to switch hues in between the seasons. Through camouflage, a lizard can wait until bug is almost on peak of them.


Can together a tiny reptile have actually teeth? The most basic answer is yes. Lizards, just like most reptiles, space fitted v a row of spicy teethinside your mouths. The shape and also size the the this differ depending upon the species. They can be grouped into two separate categories: acrodont and also pleurodont. Lizards withacrodont teethhave asharper edgethat is linked withbiting. Pets using these this are more carnivorous such as chameleons and geckos.Pleurodont teethare morerounded through a smooth tipped edge. Iguanas use these this toscrape off and also consume tree material.


Most lizards have actually teeth, i beg your pardon can assist in digestion. By having actually those spiky skeletal in your mouth, they deserve to chew up their foodbefore happen it follow me to the esophagus. Theesophagus, unequal in other animals, acts as astorage placefor their meals till it proceeds down right into thestomach. This is wherein food isdissolved and also broken under through the use of hydrochloric acid. Partly broken down food climate moves on to theintestinal tractbefore leaving the body. Go you understand that herbivorous lizard have a much longer digestion price than those who usage their this to grind increase the food? The advantage of eating tree material, however, is the there is more water being absorbed back into the body.


The need for water can depend completely on where the individual lizard take away refuge. Remembering the these animals are ectotherms way that their bodies are highly influenced by the environment roughly them. Areas that space warmer have the right to be more challenging. In these situations, lizards are well-known toabsorb any water v their skin. Other animals such together mammals will acquire water from the food that they eat, however reptiles don’t rely on this method. Theirthick scales aid in maintaining the water inside their bodieswithout sweat it out.

What about those lizards the live in more humid areas? The fact of the issue is that even a cooler lizard doesn’t need lot water. Iguanas are good examples that this. Living close to body of water, these reptiles have tendency to acquire some of your liquid daily requirements from fruits and also plants. Castle will also be checked out drinking water, either by a puddle or the tree after a misty morning.


Baby lizards space most frequently referred to ashatchlings. This is because of the truth that most lizards lay eggs. This baby pets are quiteself-sufficient, eat what a smaller adult can stomach from the very start.

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Hatchlings, or baby lizards, will certainly experiment by eat just around anything the they can fit in their mouth. Usual targets include variousinsects such together ants, harmless spiders and ants. Lock will likewise consumesmaller wormsfound in the dirt.