R134a is a non-toxic refrigerant. That is generally non-flammable and, in ~ the very same time, non-corrosive. Therefore, this refrigerant is perfect for air conditioning. This is the most usual refrigerant i m sorry is offered widely in the air problem of new automotive vehicles. They usually manufacture pieces of advice to use it in the foam blowing nature; yet various pharmaceutical service providers use that in fuel. This refrigerant exists in the form of gas v a temperature maintain from -14.9F come -26.6F. Over there are countless queries related to this refrigerant that require to fulfill a appropriate solution. So, this day we will try to covering the main questions: deserve to I usage automotive r134a in a refrigerator.

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In short, NO! R 134A is designed because that the high requirements of an vehicle AC and cannot be provided on refrigerators as result of pressure differences. Refrigerators generally utilize R22, R32 or 410A-based coolants as their cooling agent.

We will additionally discuss what the leak detection that this refrigerant is and elaborate on various species of it and the latest breakthrough in this refrigerant.

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Frequently inquiry Questions

Leak Detection Methods


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