Heavy steel music started in the so late 1960s and also has only grown end time, leading to unexpected subgenres. With excessive metal category popping up, the significance of the genre has likewise evolved v time. And also at the head of this modern metal wave is Avenged Sevenfold and also its command guitarist, Synyster Gates, together a main exponent. Synyster is indeed one the the many talented guitarists in modern metal.

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In one of his interviews, Syn stated that the was presented to Pantera as soon as his dad bought him among their CD’s and also since climate he want to have the ability to do what Dimebag Darrell to be doing. He realized what sort of playing layout he wanted and spent his developmental years functioning on that.

Gates has actually been defined as who who could do finger-twisting licks, acrobatic sweeps, diabolical chromatics, and also majestic dual-harmonies. In the following years Gates, Shadows, and The Rev emerged their very own sound by practicing together and also helping every other grow into better performers. Castle constantly moved themselves more tough than prior to while building Avenged Sevenfold.

What guitar Does Synyster gateways Play?

Synyster entrances plays Schecter Synyster guitars, which are his signature model. Schecter has actually manufactured one entire collection of signature models based upon his custom preferences to deliver the can be fried Avenged Sevenfold sound that is well-known for. He’s also known to have a couple of other models in his rig.

See the full list the Synyster gates guitars and gear below.

Schecter Synyster Custom-S


FinishBlack through Golden/Silver Pinstripes
Years Used2007 to Present

Gates’ most iconic six-string is among many, all following the exact same patterns that made his expansion rather iconic in the an initial place.

Over the years, there have actually been numerous variations of this instrument, yet this one became a intuitive staple when seeing gateways perform one of two people live or in the studio. The was among the very an initial models come come the end of the Schecter factory and into Syn’s hands, being among his key go-to six-strings because that Bat Country, there’s small room for debate on the relevance of this details Schecter.

Gate’s No. 1 weapon in his arsenal, both on and off stage, is still the Custom-S model. It’s a beast with top-notch performance, featuring a top-of-the-line Seymour Duncan practice Invader leg pickup because that the most heavy tones a passive pickup deserve to generate. And also a Sustainiac neck pickup with a manage mechanism for transforming the pickup’s volume and also the lot of sustain. The Sustainiac pickup is likewise one the the guitar’s best aspects, allowing Syn to include his distinct flavor to the sound. It likewise has a Synyster gateways Custom humbucker at the leg position.

The Custom-S model’s neck profile confirms the it to be tailor-made for hardcore shredders. It’s the so-called “thin C” neck, which is similar to the classic “C” profile but is contempt slimmer.

This guitar is a finish heavy metal median machine, specifically with the Floyd rose 1500 series bridge. This signature guitar has a mahogany body v an ebony fretboard. And also of course, it has Synyster’s above Deathbat and also “SYN” inlays, and a black complete with silver pinstripes. Finally, because that maximum performance, it employs Grover tuning pegs that the highest quality.

This etc has additionally been seen in various other finishes such together Black through Silver pinstripes, Black with Red pinstripes, White with Gold pinstripes, gold Burst, Dark earth Burst, and also several others. In 2016, Schecter re-released the custom ‘S’ models in a yellow burst finish, i m sorry featured the Schecter Synyster signature humbucker pickup.

Schecter Synyster gateways Avenger Bat Country


FinishGlossed Black
Years Used2005 come Present

The Schecter Avenger Bat nation is based on Synyster’s signature Schecter avenger model. This guitar was made especially for the song ‘of the exact same name, exit by the A7X in 2005 to complement the wild majesty that the song and also bring the end its brutal energy through Syn’s crazy however beautiful etc parts.

This specific six-string make its debut in the ‘Bat Country’ music video. Later on, just 100 copies of it have actually been released together a minimal edition model, created only the most specialized fans, each personally signed and also approved by Synyster gates himself.

The Avenger Bat nation has a mahogany body and also a three-piece mahogany neck with a gloss black finish, providing it a top quality texture and also a screaming steel vibe. It also features the customary Seymour Duncan Invader pickups discovered in numerous of Synyster’s various other guitars.

The 3-way pickup switch, in addition to the volume/tone knobs market a lot of tonal possibilities. The mommy of Pearl and Abalone separation Crown inlays are a distinct feature the isn’t found on Synyster’s other Schecter guitars.

Schecter Synyster practice ‘Golden Goddess’


FinishWhite with golden Stripes
Years Used2011 come Present

One that the many variants the Gates’ practice signature model, this golden one has remained ever present in his lineup as one of the many dynamic siblings.

He’s used this guitar to document several tracks, although that is most frequently seen during his live performances. Syn has actually used this etc in a variety of crazy and spectacular finishes throughout his career, consisting of the one v Jack Nicholson’s ‘Joker’ artwork, the next version that was inspired by this six-string.

The Schecter Synyster white practice is designed to develop Synyster’s characteristic ominous and also exceptionally heavy tone. It attributes a mahogany body and also a good ebony fretboard. That lacks the Sustainiac yet has the brand-new custom Synyster signature ‘Synbucker’ pickups in ~ the bridge, which provides nothing less in regards to sound yet a various tone for a few tunes.

It additionally comes loaded with a Floyd Rose original locking tremolo that enables one to do the gentlest tremolo or the many insane dive-bombing impacts while maintaining perfect tune. And also obviously, Deathbat fretboard inlays with SYN in gothic script include to the distinctive Synyster accent.

This Schecter Synyster practice was likewise re-released in some various other stunning finishes, such as the Schecter Synyster ‘Red Rum’ version in 2011 when it was first made obtainable to the market. This is easily one the the most iconic Synyster gateways Guitars of all time.

Schecter Synyster tradition Joker one-of-a-kind Edition


FinishPurple with green Pinstripes
Years Used2013 come 2014

One the the execution of the Schecter Synyster practice guitar version is the Schecter Synyster practice Joker Edition. A minimal run the these wonderful joker-styled guitars in 2013, demonstrating Syn’s passion and admiration because that the character “Joker” from the DC franchise movie. This guitar was mostly seen top top stage during the A7X’s tourism in and around 2013, where Syn play this exceptional beast.

The Schecter one-of-a-kind Version Synyster entrances Custom Joker version is a full-fledged metal monster, which is specifically what it to be designed come be. It features a 3-piece mahogany neck for added stability, and a pair the super-hot Seymour Duncan practice Invader humbuckers, similar to the initial edition, for an extremely high calculation – simply what Syn requirements to light the stage on fire. The distinct Joker version Synyster entrances Custom additionally features a Floyd increased tremolo bridge prefer its predecessors, i m sorry led gateways to be even crazier v his playing. This etc suited Syn’s an abilities perfectly.

Schecter PT Fastback


FinishBlack Gloss/Red
Years Used2003 to 2004

Another electrical guitar offered by Synyster gateways worth mentioning is his Schecter Fastback PT, one that observed some extensive action throughout the band’s early and formative years. It was mainly seen v Syn when touring during the Avenged Sevenfold’s ‘Waking The Fallen’ era roughly the at an early stage 2000s.

It’s a two-humbucker Telecaster-shaped guitar v a string-thru body. The Fastback to be a really versatile item and basic solution for all the hefty tones that Syn needed over his career. The PT Fastback that entrances used has actually been modified by Schecter over the years. The present-day PT Fastback attributes a Maple body and also neck with a bolt-on construction.

It additionally features a Duncan designed FG-101B pickup in the bridge position and a Schecter Diamond custom Alnico pickup in the neck position. It has actually retained its flexibility through time, which is just one of the an initial reasons why Syn used it during his tours.

 Schecter City Of angry C-1 FR


FinishGloss Pearl White
Years Used2004 to 2005

The Schecter City of evil C-1 FR is distinct in the it was the first Schecter guitar ceded to Synyster entrances after signing with the company. Synyster Gates likewise used the Schecter C-1 FR because that the recording and also tour for the album “City the Evil” published in 2005.

Even despite Schecter guitars couldn’t give him a signature model at the time as result of being as well busy, castle did therefore the adhering to year. A black color variant of the C-1 FR belonged to entrances as well.

The body and also neck that this icy beauty were made the mahogany with a beautiful pearl white finish. Gateways had to be a significant fan of Seymour Duncan pickups native his at an early stage days with the band, therefore the C-1 FR was laden through them. These pickups are heavily wounded ceramic pickups that are appropriate for Syn’s an extremely high acquire requirements.

They offered the rhythm portions ample low-end and crystal clear high-ends, i beg your pardon was right for Syn’s luscious and powerful metal tone. The Floyd increased 1500 tremolo top top this guitar permitted Syn to execute crazy points to the strings when retaining a stable tuning.

Schecter Synyster gateways Standard


FinishBlack v White stripes
Years Used2005 come 2006

Synyster Gates’ first-generation model was Schecter’s very first signature design that castle made with him. The body and neck that this Synyster signature Schecter are mahogany, similar to the signature models that adhered to later follow me the line.

It likewise features the timeless Seymour Duncan Invader pickup setup, which offered to be Syn’s hallmark before the introduction of the modern Synbuckers. Rather of the Gothic-style lettering present in later versions, the Schecter Synyster Gates 1st Gen Guitar has actually plain “SYN” inlays. Another distinction is that this instrument has a Deathbat logo design on the headstock rather of the skull through a Tophat emblem.

With this guitar, Synyster gateways is most regularly seen performing in 2006. This etc was also featured in the music video for Avenged Sevenfold’s “Seize the Day.”

Gibson ES-335 Dot


FinishCherry Red
Years Used2003 come Present

The Gibson ES-335 is a rare and also unique member that Synyster’s arsenal. This is an electrical guitar the is typically famous amongst Jazz musicians but because Gates was also heavily inspired by jazz and blues genres, he likewise became a proud owner of among these beauties.

This guitar showed up once in a behind-the-scenes video clip taken in the ‘City that Evil’ days roughly 2005 wherein Syn can be seen playing this beauty. Rumor has actually it that the Gibson ES-335 was used by Syn because that recording the clean guitar components in the track ‘Bat country’. This etc was likewise used by that for number of studio sessions end the years.

The Gibson ES-335 dot is related to as the centerpiece of the Gibson ES series. A hand-rolled Rounded “C” mahogany neck v Pearloid dot inlay and rosewood fingerboard provides an excellent comfort.

This guitar is equipped with Gibson’s Calibrated T-Type humbucking pickups and also a hand-wired control assembly, bring about a versatility that blends in well v the Syn’s other guitars. Vintage deluxe tuners with Keystone buttons, and also a lightweight Aluminum ABR-1 bridge, differentiate the Gibson ES-335 Dot, making it terrific addition to Gates’ collection.

This guitar additionally has been provided by other remarkable guitar legends like Eric Johnson, BB King, Eric Clapton, and many others.

 Gibson Les Paul Custom


FinishAlpine White
Years Used2003 come 2005

The Gibson Les Paul custom is a fiery combo that elegance and physical strength, through its sonic punch, smooth playability, and traditional “tuxedo” embellishments. The complementing 490/498 humbucker construction is so functional that the player can go right to complete shred setting from quiet jazz in the blink of an eye.

This guitar functions a body made of fine mahogany, v a 2-piece sculpted maple height – a tried-and-true combination for a rich, sustained, expressive tone. These elite attributes align perfectly with Synyster’s vision; thus it rectal a well-deserving ar in his touring rig.

The Gibson Les Paul practice is also well-known because that its lull of playability; many guitarists explain it together “effortless.” The practice was even called the “Fretless Wonder” because that being so. Entrances was viewed flaunting this gorgeous guitar in the video of ‘Unholy Confessions’ exit by Avenged Sevenfold in 2003.

Parker fly Deluxe


FinishDeluxe Glossed Red
Years Used2003 to 2004

During the at an early stage days the his band and the Warped tour in 2003, Gates lugged the Parker paris guitar. It to be noteworthy because Syn played only one Parker etc throughout his totality musical career, and also he did the live, implying that it was fairly fun come play.

The paris is likewise one the the very first electric guitars to employ composite materials. Its lightness and also resonance collection it apart. It was among the an initial electric guitars to use both magnetic and also piezoelectric pickups, supplying acoustic and electric tones in a solitary guitar.

The Parker Fly had actually a poplar body and also a basswood neck, rapped in carbon-glass-epoxy. It has two magnetic Humbucker-style pickups and also a Fishman piezoelectric pickup that deserve to mimic both electric and also acoustic guitar tones. The piezoelectric pickup, which forced a 9-volt battery, was helped by an inbuilt energetic pre-amp. Sperzel tuners were used, enabling the cable to it is in locked right into position at the pole approximately its coils.

Schecter designed the SYN GA SC Acoustic guitar model specifically for gateways to provide him with everything he want from one acoustic guitar.

Syn has constantly utilized this guitar model, and versions such together the SYN AC GA SC and also the SYN J, every time the performs the song “So far Away,” which to be released by Avenged Sevenfold in 2010 as a single.

When his tape performed “So much Away” at the Grammy Museum, he was spotted playing this etc live. As well as that, entrances hasn’t been viewed in public v this beauty. It’s almost as if this instrument to be designed because that this song.

The body and neck the this guitar are made of Mahogany, if the fretboard is made of delicious rosewood. It attributes a Fishman Sonicore Piezo pickup at the leg position, i beg your pardon is listed for its certain crisp and also clear sound, and also a Fishman Isys+ preamp to improve the sound further.It contains a integrated tuner and also volume, bass, and also treble controls. The Pearloid Gothic Crosses v the ‘Syn’ inscription and also the Deathbat emblem are also present in this guitar, providing it a trademark flair.

Godin ACS-SA


Years Used2016 to Present

As we know, gates has had deep roots in jazz and also classical music due to the fact that his formative years. These genres not only attract Synyster but additionally have a huge influence ~ above his playing style. For this reason the unique enhancement of Godin ACS-SA is no a surprising addition to Syn’s arsenal.

He has actually used this acoustic etc in the do of the “The Stage” album. Syn has additionally been seen utilizing the Godin guitar during his tourism in 2017.

The Godin ACS-SA has actually a 16″ fingerboard radius, a slim neck, and Godin’s signature ergo reduced contouring technique. It to be designed to provide the impression the the player is playing a steel-stringed guitar with a nylon string, i m sorry is specifically what gateways wanted.

The ACS-SA functions a chambered silver sheet maple body v a cedar top and also a mahogany neck for a stunning mix of warmth and also sustain. This instrument isn’t just exponentially adaptable; it’s also incredibly elegant, making it perfect acoustic for Gates.

FinishConfederate Flag Artwork
Years Used2006 to 2007

We all recognize Syn to be a huge fan the Pantera and also its guitarist Dimebag Darrel. Therefore he want his axe to match his idol’s Confederate flag-colored instrument. Syn’s characteristic tone is embodied through this guitar, i m sorry is a version of his signature Schecter custom S model and also has the brand-new ‘Synbucker’ pickups at the neck and bridge position. Other than that, it is composed of an similar electronics and also hardware setup.

Syn supplied this etc to record the main riff because that Avenged Sevenfold’s song ‘Afterlife’, exit in 2007. This etc was likewise seen in Syn’s hand on several occasions, including at Ozzfest 2006 in san Bernardino, CA, whereby he did a cover of Pantera’s ‘Walk’, and in 2006, when Synyster play “Bat Country” live at the Chainsaw Awards.

Synyster gateways has retired the guitar since then and also no much longer owns it. Syn stated in among the forums on his website (synner.com) the he want one because of his hero Dimebag, but that the couldn’t be a “party come it” due to the fact that of “the overwhelming influence” it has actually on people. “I’m not saying that everyone that still support the Confederate flag support the devastating connotations,” he added.

Gates also owns other notable custom themed guitars, such as the Schecter Synyster tradition American flag he used in 2006-2007 and also the Synyster gateways Beast and also The Harlot in a Black finish with Red pinstripes that appeared in Syn’s hand in A7X’s 2005 video clip “Beast and the Harlot.” The Schechter custom model in the colour of the German flag that showed up during Gates’ power of “Bat Country” on MTV’s TRL in 2006 is one more one precious mentioning.

Timetable reflecting Each etc Synyster gates Has played at Each allude in His Career

Schecter PT FastbackBlack Gloss/Red2003 to 2004
Parker paris DeluxeDeluxe Glossed Red2003 to 2004
GibsonLes Paul CustomAlpine White2003 come 2005
Gibson ES-335 DotCherry Red2003 come Present
SchecterCity Of evil C-1 FRGloss Pearl White2004 come 2005
SchecterSynyster entrances Avenger Bat CountryGlossed Black2005 come Present
SchecterSynyster entrances StandardBlack with White stripes2005 come 2006
SchecterSynyster entrances Confederate FlagConfederate Flag Artwork2006 come 2007
SchecterSynyster Custom-SBlack with Golden/Silver Pinstripes2007 to Present
SchecterSynyster practice ‘Golden Goddess’White with golden Stripes2011 to Present
SchecterSynyster custom Joker special EditionPurple with green Pinstripes2013 come 2014
GodinACS-SANatural2016 to Present
SchecterSYN GA SC AcousticBlack explode Satin2017 to Present

Years Used: 2014 come present

Synyster Gates’ setup has had actually a lot of different amps transparent the years. Unequal his guitars, the wasn’t confined come a single brand of amplifier. If we look at all of his choices, it’s obvious that that prefers a powerful sound v a piercing mid-range.

Even despite Schecter’s etc amplifier line isn’t well-known, the Hellwin version is a strong 100-watt all-tube amp in the layout of standard Marshalls that offers Syn just the ideal amount of juice for his thunderous tones.

It was constantly used in conjunction through the Hellwin SYN412 cabinet by him. The amp excels in ~ clean sounds and also has two different voicings: the USA, i beg your pardon is crisp and also direct, and also the richer UK voicing, which gateways says he favors for much more rock-oriented stuff.

Years Used:2003 come 2005

Gates additionally owns the Mesa Boogie JP-2C, a true beast of an amp. Yes, it’s the man Petrucci trademark model, i beg your pardon is based on the note IIC+ amplifier.

It’s a extremely adaptable item of gear that can develop everything from smooth jazz to huge crushing riffs and screaming leads which is why that was one of the most loved piece of gear in his rig.

Syn was seen utilizing the Mesa Boogie dual rectifier head on stage with his band throughout the ‘Warped’ tour in 2003.

Years Used: 2018 to Present

The very first device for musicians to incorporate a military/industrial-grade DSP into a customer product, the Axe-Fx, changed the etc industry. This digital amp modeler can accomplish realism like no other unit.

Gates initially used the Axe-FX II once it was released in 2014. The Axe-Fx III constructed on this idea by combine the strength of four different CPUs. Hence, entrances upgraded to the third generation model in 2018 and has been making use of it ever since.

The Axe-Fx III, follow to Gates, deserve to shape and also manipulate any type of sound. It permits him to produce any kind of tonal emotion the wants, i m sorry is why that adores this sophisticated piece that gear.

Gates asserted that he couldn’t usage his other amp come paint everything he want on his proverbial canvas. However with the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx III, he could just “carve out and produce ridiculous noises.” “It’s simply a ceiling of your imagination that stays clear of you native producing,” that added.

Synyster gateways Pedal and also Effects Overview

Dunlop Cry baby DCR-2SR Rack Wah

Years Used: 2003 to Present

One of the effects pedals that Synyster entrances uses on his etc on-stage is a Dunlop Cry infant DCR-2SR Rack Wah. This Wah pedal produce some very distinctive sounds with Gates’ guitar.

The Cry baby Rack Module provides Gates much more control over your wah ton than any wah pedal in the world. The 6-position switch lets him choose the sweep frequency range, and he can also determine the wah’s bandpass shape with the change Q control.

The flexible boost (up come +10dB) makes the Rack Wah even much more flexible and also customizable come Syn’s demands on-stage. Gates can connect up to 6 pedals and also place them all over onstage.

The 2 outputs offer him an astounding amount of routing choices for unprecedented versatility, i beg your pardon ticks one of the most necessary boxes for Gates.

Years Used: 2003 come Present

The legendary Boss CS-3 compressor provides Gates much more sustain, tighter dynamics control, and also a fuller sound, every from a single pedal. The CS-3 offers a smooth sustain without affecting the initial sound quality. This pedal offers a wide spectrum that effects, from irradiate compression come squeezed sounds.

The CS-3 has an EQ for an exact sound control and also is draft for an excellent low-noise performance.

Synyster talked around his boss Compression pedal in one interview through Guitar Center about his gear, saying that the ceo compressor just generates a sound the “natural types” without being synthetic in the least way.

Years Used: Unspecified

Among the modulations, delays, and other effects in his signal chain, Syn has actually one specifically unique facet that he still supplies today. Visual Sound H2O is a chorus and also echo pedal rolled into one.

This unusually draft 2-in-1 pedal has delays varying from 10 come 800 milliseconds and also lets him rental a chorus or hold-up separately.

Using a NOS BBD chip, the visual Sound H2O produce a flowing analog chorus and also ringing echo. Gateways can form his chorus with a few basic knobs ~ above this wonderful sound pedal: Speed, Width, and delay Time.

Gates can use this parameters come personalize his sound by adding a subtle chorus or by completely drowning it. Gateways has never looked earlier on his decision to acquire this weapon.

Years Used: Unspecified

Gates purchase the Electro-Harmonix Micro POG polyphonic octave generator pedal come fuel his tonal creativity. This allows for incredible versatility in Syn’s workflow, particularly when dealing with bass. It additionally seems come have distinct tone options.

With the Micro POG’s Octave and also Sub Octave knobs engaged, Syn could accessibility one octave greater with the Micro POG, whilst he could also include a reduced octave. With a heavy shell and also a small body, the Micro POG is a beast of an enhancement to Gate’s pedalboard.

Gates offers the micro POG to filter his polyphonic tracking, and also he also uses it on stage to energize his sound and create symphonic harmonies. Syn’s guitar tech made a explain on this in one interview and has even referred to it together “Rad”.

Years Used: no specified

The MXR Carbon Copy analog hold-up uses old-school bucket brigade an innovation to carry out a rich, warmth delay. The Carbon Copy has actually a 600ms hold-up time and also can be modulated v a top-mounted switch.

Its simple three-knob structure gives Gates complete control over Delay, Mix (dry/wet blend), and Regeneration (delay repeats) – every in one amazingly tiny pedal!

With a single flip of a knob, this pedal can offer Gates whatever from crisp bathroom slap echoes to enormous delays. This MXR Carbon Copy analog delay pedal is another terrific piece of equipment that Syn’s guitar technology commended in one interview, saying the “everyone likes one of these.”

Synyster gateways Accessories

Dunlop Gator fixed 2.0mm Picks

Almost all hefty metal musicians favor Dunlop Gator fixed Picks because they administer improved play control and a dark, meaty tone.

It has a matte surface ar that allows a secure, non-slip grip, permitting Gates to execute insanely quick licks through confidence. It additionally includes a contoured and beveled edge because that a smooth attack and also soft release, allowing Syn come play through unrestricted dexterity and also passion.

Since 2010, Syn has been making use of these picks and has never ever looked back. He also has his signature version of this picks with a black Deathbat logo.

Ernie ball Skinny optimal / hefty Bottom .010 – .052 Strings

Guitarists from all over the people have turned to Ernie ball strings since the at an early stage 1960s. Ernie ball strings are built to develop a exorbitant tone, last a lengthy time, and deliver reliable performance. Gateways knew he might never walk wrong as soon as he determined Ernie ball strings.

Syn gets a an excellent balanced tone out of Ernie Ball’s slim Top heavy Bottom strings (gauges .010–.052), thanks to the tin-plated hex-shaped steel core wire wrapped around nickel-plated steel. It has actually been claimed that Syn uses these strings to all of his guitars.

Wrap Up

Born Brian Elwin Haner Jr. Top top July 7, 1981, he flourished up alongside his girlfriend Zacky Vengeance and became a member that Avenged Sevenfold at very early age. Together a child, Syn was influenced by his father (also a guitarist) and was influenced by legends like Dimebag Darrell, Steve Vai, Marty Friedman, john Petrucci, Slash, Zakk Wylde, and Allan Holdsworth.

In ‘All Excess’, Gates asserted that his name involved him while driving drunk through the park with The Rev. He has earned number of musical prizes, traveled all over the world, and also was nominated because that a Grammy Award along with his band for finest Rock song in 2018 because that ‘The Stage’.

In 2010, ‘Guitar World’ noted him as one of the 30 best shredders of all time. On April 20, 2011, Gates and bandmate Zacky Vengeance obtained the Revolver golden God compensation for finest Guitarist. Gates was likewise voted as ideal Metal Guitarist in the human being by the “Total Guitar” magazine in 2016 and also once again in 2017.

When it concerned music, Synyster gateways loved metal but additionally admired other genres, such together jazz, gypsy jazz, classical, and also avant-garde music. He likewise studied jazz guitar at the musician Institute in Hollywood throughout his musical journey.

He conducts an online guitar school in enhancement to his music, together his dad Brian Haner Sr., due to the fact that he desires to inspire musicians all over the people and assist them grow.

Gates and also the remainder of the Avenged Sevenfold team are currently working on a new studio album together of 2021. The band said in one interview the it is “70 percent done,”. We’re all wait in anticipation to uncover out wherein the band is going ~ the relax of “The Stage” in 2016. With all of the old, iconic steel bands retiring gradually, A7X will continue to it is in the torchbearers of contemporary metal.

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