In our Italy Money and Banks section, you will uncover answer to questions such together - what type of money carry out they usage in Italy, how to exchange money into euros, exactly how to prevent a renowned money scam and much more...

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Italy Money


The official currency in Italy is the Euro (€). TheEuro document money and coins come in different denominations through 100cents or centesimi making up one euro. The Europaper money come in bills of different face value - 500 ,200 , 100 ,50 , 20 , 10 and also 5 . As you would expect the different denominationbillshave different colour and also size.


The Euro coins have actually their valuedisplayed huge onone side of the coin and also they come in 2 and also 1 Euro (the two biggercoins and also are made with two different metals - golden and silver), 50,20, 10 cents (golden material) and also 5, 2 and 1 cents (bronze material).

Rates of exchange between currencies fluctuate constantly, socheck closely therate in between Euro and your local currency before changing your money onwww.oanda.comor

In Italy, the decimal separator is a comma for this reason you will certainly seethat a price the 2 euros and 15 cent is shown as €2,15 inshops.

Speaking that 2 Euro coins, there is a popularmoney cheat thatinvolves the 2 euro coin. The old 500 lira coin (whichis currently worthlesssince the arrival of the Euro) has a very similar size and designas the brand-new €2 coin (worth roughly $3). Therefore whenever youreceivea change that has actually a coin the dimension of €2 constantly verify the itis actually €2 before taking it. Make sure that you have the right to see€2 value shown on one side of the coin ! Look in ~ the twopictures listed below carefully:

€2 Euro Coin

500 Lira Coin

Italy Money: an altering Other currency into Euro

girlfriend can readjust other money into Euros nearly anywhere inItaly. Probably the most safe place, however is in a financial institution where you willmost likely pay a flat rate as a board of directors independent of the amountof Euros you room changing. The working hrs for the financial institutions in Italy arefrom 8:30am to 1:30 p.m. And from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m., Monday come Friday.Banks in Italy are closed end the weekend and also on NationalHolidays.

The Italian post Offices also administer a money exchangeservice and their commission prices are rather competitive sometimeseven lower than the ones charged at banks.

In bigger towns and tourist locations, girlfriend will also findprivate exchange bureaus i m sorry will frequently offer to exchange currencywithout commission; yet the exchange price will very likely notbe the many favourable.

If you space carrying through you travellers’ checks,your finest bet to cash them will certainly be to do so at a bank or one exchangebureau as it is rather difficult to do so in a hotel or a shop.

Italy Money: utilizing Debit/Credit Cards and ATMs


Eventhough, Debit and also Credit cards are welcomed in most placesin Italy, cash is tho king in Italy and also is thepreferred method ofpayment !If friend are ever in doubt whether a place accepts plastic, look whetherthe credit card logos are displayed in thefront window of the establishment. Beware the taxis will certainly generallyaccept cash only. There room some taxis that room setup to accept creditcards but they still choose cash payments as they salary high bank chargesfor the transactions. If in doubt, ask even if it is you deserve to pay by cardbefore you begin your journey.

it is always advisable to check withyour card provider in advancement of the precise fees they will charge youfor any type of foreign transactions friend make as these may stack up.

Italy Money: use of ATMs


ATMs in Italy are recognized as Bancomatand you have the right to use lock to retract cash in euros from your account justas girlfriend would perform at home. Simply make certain that the ATM is marked with theaffiliations you need (cirrus, plus, etc.)

The withdrawing procedure is pretty right forward - in ~ thebeginning of your transaction you will certainly be triggered to pick yourpreferred language. Climate you will certainly be triggered to go into your pin whichis restricted to 4 number (make sure yours is 4 digits before you go toItaly). As soon as your pin is verified, you will certainly be presented through a numberof options for withdrawal. Select the one the suits you and you getyour money out.

keep in mind that the best withdrawal border at many ItalianBancomats is collection to 250 Euros per day.

At the moment of writing, a maximum withdrawal limit of 250Euro is implemented at many Italian Bancomats. Make certain your map canhandle at the very least this lot in your regional currency. Mental thatgenerally bigger withdrawals space cheaper in the lengthy run, especially ifyour bank imposes a per transaction fee.

If friend have difficulties with her card during the withdrawalprocess, friend would have to visit the bank. The working hours for thebanks in Italy arefrom 8:30am come 1:30 p.m. And from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

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Italy Money: comfortable ATM locator

If friend are in search of your nearest ATM machine, try thehandy ATM locator provided on the Italian bank Association websiteat

Although it is in Italian only, that is really easy to use: 1) Under "Localita" enter the surname of the city 2) Under "Banca" get in the name of the bank which issued your card(even if it"s a non-Italian bank)3) click "Cerca sportelli" to screen your nearest ATMs


The result with display screen a map with the ar of ATMs in thedesired town together with names that banks, addresses, etc. :


There are ATMs at all Italian airports and main train stationsas well. However, that is wise to have a little cash in Euro top top hand whenyou arrive in Italy in situation they room out the order.