If you room thinking around buying an ice cream cream machine and room wondering which kind to get, girlfriend may have actually a couple of questions around “ice cream salt”. What does it do? Is that expensive? Why carry out I require it? Etc. This post will answer those questions and also more.

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What is ice cream salt?

Ice cream salt is more commonly well-known as rock salt. The is the same chemical composition together table salt. Sodium Chloride. But the salt you acquisition for making ice cream or melt the ice cream on her driveway or sidewalk must not be eaten. The may have several impurities and is no intended for human consumption.

It is normally clear or white however could be among several various other colors relying on the impurities present.

Rock salt (or “Halite”) forms isometric crystals. This crystals are bigger than what you frequently see in table salt. Their bigger size outcomes in lock mixing far better with ice cubes as soon as you use them for making ice cream. (Fine table salt would an ext likely sift come the bottom that the can.)

What does the do?

Water freezes in ~ 0 levels Celsius (32 levels F) other solutions have various freezing points. The fat and also sugar in the mixture you prepare because that making ice cream cream requires a colder temperature to with its freezing point.Salt lowers the temperature at which water freezes. So as soon as you mix ice and also salt the resulting slushy brine is actually colder than pure ice would certainly be. By bordering the mix canister in the ice cream machine with this super cold brine, you bring the temperature that the ice cream mixture down to its freeze point. Ice alone cannot perform that.

Will table salt work?

Well, in concept it would due to the fact that it is, after ~ all, salt. The trouble is the it is too fine. It would certainly be lot more daunting to obtain it evenly dispersed throughout the ice chunks. To obtain your ice cream cream to freeze evenly, you desire to control for uniform temperature.

Where should I to buy it?

Price and convenience are most likely the two concerns that will assist guide this decision.

Let’s take it a look in ~ the convenience problem first.How lot rock salt do you need, and also where will you keep it? If you expect to do ice cream frequently, or if girlfriend live in an area where ice is a typical problem ~ above your actions or walkway, you might use a most rock salt in a short duration of time. It would certainly be inconvenient and inefficient come make constant trips to the save for another little box that it.Do you have storage room for a big bag of absent salt? A garage or a good-sized pantry?If you use a lot and have sufficient storage space, girlfriend will probably want to walk to someplace like residence Depot and also grab a 50 lb bag. The last time i checked, you might get the for less than $10.

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Price is going to vary significantly depending ~ above amount and labeling. The big 50 lb bags are plainly the finest buy per pound. At your regional grocery store you deserve to probably uncover a 4 pound box of “ice cream salt”. For some reason, the prices differ dramatically! I’ve viewed them because that as tiny as $1.60 and also as much as $13.49.If you don’t have actually a home development store close to you, or you don’t desire to to buy a large amount, you might need to check several grocery store stores in her area because that the finest price. Try places choose Target or Kroger too. It shows up that calling that “ice cream salt” has convinced some retailers to put a premium price top top it. Your ideal option is certainly the home development stores.