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it evolves whenever the is all set it can evovle early on or later it depends most likely of what the commets to speak level 30

ok cool however the actual sad thing is friend only obtain flaafys in the route around mahogany town and also you only get them in ~ level 15-20. So correct ampharos is an extremely cool. meganium have the right to kill one

Ok i have every evolved type of pokemon in the video game so if u think u have actually a chance against me u all will certainly be stuffed and also turned into pokefood therefore screw u all reason im the ideal there is

well here is a secret if you have actually pokemon emrald the video game boy game and have to win the elite four on the game go come the safari zone and also catdh a mareep (usualy lvl 40 to 45) and then move to dimond and trade to yellow or you can do it the lengthy way!

Catch one jin the grass exterior of granite cave just before it the is around four or 3 in the afternoon. Forget night

I got negative news for all of you, my level 100 charizard I carried over native blue would certainly beat every one of your Pokemon.

Sorry guys yet I have a level one hundreds clefable migrated from blue, if it could not sound good it has 232 attk and the relocate metrenome which has actually 35 pp. And pound and dual slap. Accidently eliminated mewtwo v pound, and zapdos :(

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