Intercalated discs are unique structural formations found in between the myocardial cells of the heart. They play an essential roles in bonding cardiac muscle cells together and also in transmitting signals in between cells.

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The ends of each cardiac muscle cell kind intercalated discs whereby they satisfy neighboring cardiac muscle cells. Each intercalated disc includes many finger-like expansions of plasma membrane that interlock with similar structures ~ above the neighboring cell. Continue Scrolling come Read an ext Below...




ongoing From Above... The structure of the membrane in the intercalated disc considerably increases the surface ar area contact between the cells and also helps to hold the cells together.

Three species of special frameworks — fascia adherens, desmosomes, and gap junctions — are discovered in the intercalated discs to aid in the connection of the cardiac muscle cells.

The fascia adherens room bands of protein that attach the actin filaments the the sarcomeres in each cardiac muscle fiber to the sarcomere in the surrounding cells, creating a solitary unified chain of sarcomeres. Desmosomes help to tie cardiac muscle cells together, but type smaller, tighter junctions contrasted to the fascia adherens. Intermediary fibers within each muscle fiber are linked by a collection of protein in the desmosome, which type an interlocking protein chain. Finally, many gap junctions kind between the cardiac muscle cells to permit material to pass between the cells. Each void junction is make of connexin proteins that type a tunnel with the cell membranes of the cardiac muscle cells, allowing small molecules, consisting of ions, to pass through.


Cardiac muscle cells produce solid contractions come pump blood throughout the body, however these very same contractions threaten to damage the frameworks of the heart. Intercalated discs beat a an important role in stop cardiac muscle cells with each other using the fascia adherens and desmosomes. The enhanced surface area that the finger-like expansions of cell membrane provides ample room for these relationships to form. Space junctions permit ions to pass from one cardiac muscle cabinet to another, providing really fast conduction of action potentials with cardiac muscle tissue. The net an outcome of the strong connections and also fast ion conduction is the convulsion of cardiac muscle tissue choose a solitary functional unit.

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