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Efferent pathways bring signals away from the main nervous system. Essentially, they are signals that your mind sends to tell your body to do something, prefer blinking. Afferent signal come from outside stimuli and tell your mind what they room sensing, such as temperature. Afferent neurons bring stimuli come the brain, whereby the signal is integrated and processed. The brain then coordinates a an answer via efferent signals ago to the remainder of the body.

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The ventral root of the spinal cord is located anteriorly, while the dorsal root is located posteriorly. Afferent neurons get in the spinal cord through the dorsal root, transporting signals indigenous the human body to the brain. Efferent neurons departure the spinal cord from the ventral root prior to interfacing with their target muscles.

Which of the adhering to answers defines the typical sequence of neuronal communication from receiving sensory input come generating a muscle response?


The typical solution pattern is the a sensory afferent neuron receives the outside stimulus and also communicates through an interneuron. The details is climate interpreted, and also a solution is sent through efferent motor neurons to the appropriate portion of the body. Afferent neurons connect information from the stimulus to the brain/spinal cord. Efferent neurons interact information indigenous the brain/spinal cord to the appropriate part of the body.

If girlfriend touch a hot pan, __________ neurons tell your brain "it"s hot!" and also __________ neurons are offered to easily move your hand away


Afferent neurons space sensory neurons that bring nerve impulses native sensory stimuli towards the central nervous system and also brain, while efferent neurons space motor neurons that lug neural impulses far from the central nervous systme and towards muscles to cause movement.

In this case, the afferent neuron would lug sensory info from her hand to her brain, letting it know your body is touching something hot. Your brain would then process this information and also use efferent neurons to tell the arm muscle come contract and also move her hand away.

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Example concern #1 : expertise Afferent and also Efferent Neurons

Afferent neurons are often linked with __________ function, if efferent neurons room often connected with __________ function.

Possible Answers:

motor or input . . . Sensory or effector

motor or effector . . . Sensory or input

sensory or effector . . . Motor or input

sensory or entry . . . Motor or effector 

Correct answer:

sensory or intake . . . Engine or effector 


A an excellent way to remember afferent vs. Efferent neurons is: Afferent Arrives, Efferent Exits.

Afferent neurons are neurons who axons travel in the direction of (or bringing info to) a main point, if an efferent neuron is a cabinet that sends out an axon (or tote information) far from a central point. For example, if the main point in inquiry is the brain, sensory neurons room afferent because they send info to the brain, while engine neurons space efferent due to the fact that they bring information indigenous the mind to effector organs choose muscles or glands. The is an essential to store in mind exactly which structure is the current focus the the discussion, since the terms "afferent" and also "efferent" are loved one to the direction of details transmission.

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