Ranking all The Tinker Bell Movies, indigenous Worst To finest From the definition of her name to her previously adventures to the events of the original Peter Pan, these movies display a whole brand-new side that Tinker Bell.

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also if Tinker Bell had an important part in help Peter Pan introduce the Darling siblings to the fantastical people of Neverland, there’s so small about her story and personality it is known. Fortunately, Disney’s most well known fairy has actually a series of 3D-animated movie that explain everything she fans always wanted to know around her. Several of them are genuinely heartwarming little films which room worth viewing for those who"ve never ever quite let walk of their inner child. Others, however, space made-for-tv abominations which serve to dilute the story and also besmirch the classic Disney animation. Together it tends to be with many Disney sequels and spin-offs, the Tinker Bell movies room a total mixed bag.

From the an interpretation of her surname to revealing just how her previously adventures tie up to the occasions of the initial Peter Pan, these movies present a whole new side of Tinker Bell that most viewers would certainly not be expecting. So, without further ado, this is a quick round-up of every Tinker Bell movie released on video, ranked from worst come best.

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The many recent Tinker Bell movie is the strangest one due to the fact that of how little it needs to do v Tinker Bell. Here, she to be relegated to a glorified cameo if the pet fairy Fawn and also her new friend Gruff took center stage.

Even skip this change, Neverbeast drastically subverts the created formula come the suggest where the feels like an additional movie altogether. The emphasis on activity and the usage of suddenly bleak themes clashes through the series’ light-hearted nature, making the a kind if misplaced entry into the Tinker Bell canon.

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7 The Pirate Fairy (2014)

Tinker Bell’s miracle voyage throughout the high seas shares the troubles of Neverbeast, albeit come a lesser degree, which renders sense due to the fact that The Pirate Fairy was its predecessor. As soon as again, Tinker Bell feels like a side-character in her own movie, and there’s focus on everything however the story.

It’s additionally here where Tinker Bell’s transition from normally curious troublemaker come rule-abiding peacekeeper abruptly begins—a bit of character development that’s exciting in concept, however unearned in execution. This is a fun animated adventure the forgot the point of the series it’s a component of.

Like plenty of origin movies, the first Tinker Bell does a lot of things right but suffers from adhering to a pre-established formula also closely. Overused tropes like a needlessly antagonistic median girl do little to make this movie was standing out.

While this movie does a decent project of introducing the fairies’ world, characters, and also Tinker Bell herself, it bears an eyebrow-raising moral lesson around accepting your predetermined place and also class in culture while additionally discouraging viewers from trying brand-new things in life. Despite questionable, it’s quiet a harmless information in one otherwise passably forgettable diversion.

The visuals are additionally worthy of note here. Released at a time once low-budget CG-animation appeared to it is in in its prime, 2008"s Tinker Bell looks prefer it could actually be the trailer because that a game stations 2 game, and that is by no means a compliment.

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5 Pixie hole Bake off (2013)

This six-minute brief may not have much in the method of substance, however it’s a good distillation of every little thing that makes the Tinker Bell movies fun. Here, Tinker Bell and her friends participate in the fairy lands’ televised baking competition ~ she accidentally—yet unsurprisingly—gets ~ above a renowned baker’s poor side. The worst the this quick does is finish too quickly. Provided its simple set-up and the potential for magical gags about baking and competitive reality shows, Pixie hollow Bake off should have actually been made into the hour-long competition that Tinker Bell and agency found us in.

favor Neverbeast and Pirate Fairy, this story move its focus from Tinker Bell to another character—in this case, Rosetta—but it thankfully doesn’t overstay the welcome. Clocking in in ~ a digestible 30 minutes, the fashionable garden fairy’s time in the spotlight maximizes its brief running time to deliver both fun and substance. The enhancement of basic but coherent lessons about stepping the end of one’s comfort zone and the prominence of sportsmanship offers this rapid half-hour watch some much-appreciated value and also depth.

3 Tinker Bell & The lost Treasure (2009)

Tinker Bell’s an initial sequel is both one adventure movie and an innovation of the previous one’s shortcomings. Tinker Bell’s quest to find a legendary treasure and also some manners offer her newfound depth, i m sorry is brought over to the following two installments. Also if Tinker Bell’s character breakthrough is too rushed, her second movie is still a funny ride that supplies some heartfelt lessons around apologizing, friendships, and learning native one’s mistakes. This is additionally the last time her finest friend Terence is treated as a character and not one extra, and this moment should be cherished.

The 4th Tinker Bell movie is remarkable for having the many unused potential in the series. Here, brand-new characters, histories, and a whole people are introduced, however this sequel prioritizes gorgeously animated chases and montages end anything else. The movie provides up for this by gift the series’ most entertaining watch the comes through its very own surprising moments of depth. If the story is too contrived and hurried come be important compelling, Secret that the wing is quiet a fun go back to the fairy world and also a an imaginative expansion of its lore.

1 Tinker Bell & The good Fairy Rescue (2010)

Tinker Bell’s first encounter with people from the Mainland—i.e. Britain—isn’t only the many character-focused entry, yet the many emotionally engaging one as well. Here, the main fairies—especially Vidia—and people receive heaps that characterization, while the movie itself is a funny rescue mission.

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The interactions between Tinker Bell and Lizzy are charming, when the emotional lessons around family and being emotionally open carry out some much-appreciated subtext in this sequel. Despite it’s the most on purpose paced Tinker Bell movie, The an excellent Fairy Rescue boasts the most heartfelt story of the entire series.