Given that there space over 5000 ranges of crabs the no surprise that you’d want to understand if they’re all edible. Crabmeat is one of the many savored type of seafood.

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So, space all crabs edible? The prize is that it depends. Some crabs offer more meat 보다 others. So, it would make sense to emphasis on the crabs that have more meat. Right here is a basic guide to identify the most popular edible varieties of crab.

Depending on where you live, girlfriend may an alert that there space certain varieties that are many popular. Because that example, in Europe, the spider and also brown crabs room the many common; in phibìc America, ~ above the Atlantic Coast, the blue crabs, and also on the Pacific coast, Dungeness crabs.

Dungeness Crabs

These crabs are usual along the coastlines of Alaska all the means down come Baja, Mexico. Dungeness crabs space rather large and can grow between 1 3/4 to 4 pounds.


You can only hunt the masculine of the types and it have to be 6 1/4 customs long. The satisfy is pink, juicy, and delicious.

Blue Crabs

These crabs room usually a shade of blue with a hints of green. Blue crabs have the right to be discovered on the east coastline of the joined States and also they flourish from 3 1/2 inches as much as 5 1/2 inches.


When cooked, they end up being a red color. Together with the Dungeness crab, this crabs have actually edible meat in both your bodies and their claws. However, no all crabs do.


Brown Crabs

Brown crabs market moderately sweet meat. Lock are many abundant in the united kingdom at the begin of summer v spring. It’s the biggest crab species in the UK.


The brown meat is a savory odor that has actually a slight acidic after taste. The white meat is usually lot sweeter in flavor. That is additionally known together the Edible Crab.

Spider Crabs

Spider crabs have actually claws complete of deliciously moist, white meat. It’s much sweeter and not as strong as the meat the the brown crab. It in reality favors the taste that lobster.


Stone Crabs

These crabs only have edible meat in your claws. Stone crabs space the most popular type of edible crab in Florida, US.

Florida stone crab meat is flaky and also white come off-white v a sweet taste. Because the meat is only in the claws, anglers usually pry the one claw and toss the crab back into the water. This is since the claw will regrow. The continuing to be claw is left so that the crab can protect itself.

King Crab

This crab goes by numerous names consisting of the “Alaskan King Crab,” “Japanese crab,” and also “Russian crab”. King crabs have the right to weigh approximately 25 pounds and also are known to thrive over 10 feet.

Most the the meat is uncovered in the legs and also claws. So, only about one-fourth that the crab is edible. Lock take about 7-9 years to grow to a dimension where you deserve to eat them and also its component of the reason why lock are fairly expensive as the meat no abundant.

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Peekytoe Crab

Once a toss away, the peekytoe crab became a prized delicacy. They grow to about 5 inches vast and 3 ½ inch long. The meat is pink and very sweet to taste.

These are the most popular kinds of crab that you deserve to eat. The being said, no all crabs are for sure to eat. A few can bring lethal doses of toxins. Some components of the crab are additionally indigestible and also repugnant in taste so its best to do your research. Mental to always buy your crab meat from trustworthy sources.