Chances are, girlfriend didn’t end up marrying her high school sweetheart. It would certainly seem to be a very American Graffiti, post-World war II love story that passed away with the climb of university educations — when people began either come marry their college sweethearts rather or to understand that the people was a much larger place than their prompt vicinity (as well as filled v a lot an ext choice). Not to cite the fact that more and an ext women began to get in the workforce, offering them alternatives beyond marriage and childbirth, and a thousands other social changes that we’re not accounting for.

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But it’s still, prefer any great love story, something girlfriend kinda want to think in. Particularly for dudes, that can’t ever before seem to prevent thinking about, caring about and obsessing around The One Who acquired Away (who is often from their high institution years). I m sorry is why we determined to dig up some numbers top top the existing state that those that go indigenous prom come “till death do friend part” in the space of a few months.

The outcomes were no promising. In 2014, much less than 2 percent that all marital relationships were between high school sweethearts. Follow to a recent survey conducted by Mic utilizing Google consumer Surveys, much more 18- come 34-year-olds met your current far-reaching others through shared friends than any kind of other means, including dating apps, at society settings and through work — and most certainly high school.


Only 19 percent of civilization who marry your high college sweethearts to visit college, compared to almost 70 percent because that the general population.


On the flip side, divorce prices within the an initial 10 years for high college sweethearts (54 percent) were much higher than the mean American pair (32 percent). It’s not all heartbreak, though: 78 percent the high school sweethearts that wait until at least the age of 25 come marry make it beyond their 10th anniversary.

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Finally, if we’re come trust all of our coverage on the lovelorn male, it’s no surprising to find out that civilization who break up with their high institution sweetheart and marry someone else are more likely to have an affair with said sweetheart if castle able come reconnect. And also if among their parents was an alcoholic, their opportunities of rekindling that high institution romance space even higher.