10 Pokémon through The Most kind Weaknesses as soon as using Pokémon that have multiple weaknesses, a trainer needs to be careful not to expose them come the many dangers that might trouble them.

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Currently, there space a full of 18 varieties of Pokémon. With so numerous Pokémon having more than one type associated with them, it is only herbal for some of them to have an ext weaknesses 보다 the Pokémon who are just one type.

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The maximum number of weaknesses that a Pokémon is maybe to have is 7. As soon as using Pokémon that have actually multiple weaknesses, a trainer has to be mindful not to expose them to the many dangers that can seriously trouble them.

Onix looks Forward
back Onix looks like a giant, intimidating snake made the end of a chain the rocks, it actually has many things the it is weak against. Together a Rock and soil Type, Onix is weak come 6 things: Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water, Grass, and also Ice.

Although Onix is able to burrow v the ground in ~ 5o mph, it"s not rather as outstanding in battle. If a trainer want to remove some that Onix"s weaknesses, it would be a an excellent idea come evolve it into Steelix, i m sorry only has 4 weaknesses.

Paras climbs a tree
A Paras has actually parasitic Tochukaso mushroom which prosper on that is back. This mushrooms space praised because that being medication that can offer the consumer a long life. Unfortunately, a Paras would not last long in a Pokémon battle, since it is weak to 6 types of Pokémon.

These incorporate Flying, Poison, Rock, Bug, Fire, and Ice. Even if it were to evolve into Parasect, these weaknesses would remain the same, due to the fact that evolution doesn"t readjust Paras" type.

Tyranitar is popular amongst fans since it looks intimidating and also powerful. Although strong enough to it is in a an excellent addition to a trainer"s team, Tyranitar has actually a surprising amount of weaknesses that a trainer demands to it is in wary of. These are: Fighting, Ground, Bug, Steel, Water, Grass, and Fairy.

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These weaknesses room still current even if Tyranitar undergoes Mega Evolution. Surprisingly, Tyranitar"s vault evolutions, Larvitar and also Pupitar, have one much less weakness 보다 Tyranitar does since they are Rock/Ground Types.

7 Exeggcute Is A Grass & Psychic Type

Six Exeggcute Eggs
Exeggcute and its evolution, Exeggcutor, are weak to 7 different types. These types are Flying, Poison, Bug, Ghost, Fire, Ice, and also Dark. Due to the fact that Exeggcute is simply a team of 6 eggs, it makes sense the it would have a large number of weaknesses.

Evolving Exeggcute to an Alolan Exeggcute would get rid of its weakness to the Dark kind since Alolan Exeggcute is a Grass and Dragon type, although that doesn"t look choose a dragon in ~ all.

Celebi is a legendary Pokémon that does not evolve come or native something else. This way that a trainer needs to memorize every 7 the its weakness if they want to usage it. Celebi is weak to Flying, Poison, Bug, Ghost, Fire, Ice, and Dark types.

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This is a surprising number of weaknesses because that the time-traveling guardian that the forest. There are so countless other legend Pokémon the it is basic to discover a stronger one.

5 Shiftry Is A Grass & Dark Type

Shiftry, favor its previous development Nuzleaf, has a full of 7 weaknesses. Shiftry is weak against Fire, Ice, Fighting, Flying, Fairy, Poison, and Bug. Seedot, Shiftry"s an initial and weakest form, is just a Grass kind but it only has actually 5 weaknesses.

Thankfully for Shiftry, its Pokédex entries state the despite all of its form weaknesses, Shiftry is tho a an effective Pokémon. Its pan can develop winds that travel at 100 feet every second.

Cacturne is the same kind as Shiftry, which means that it likewise shares Shiftry"s weaknesses against Fire, Ice, Fighting, Flying, Fairy, Poison, and bug types. It also has a ahead evolution, Cacnea, with only 5 weaknesses.

Cacturne is actually not the form of Pokémon that likes to communicate in fight head-on. Usually, it likes to remain in the desert, complying with its food at night and also attacking after the prey is tired from the desert heat.

3 Solrock Is A Rock & Psychic Type

Solrock is weak come 6 species of Pokémon. These incorporate Bug, Ghost, Steel, Water, Grass, and Dark. Together a rock type, Solrock need to be weak come the Ground type too.

However, its capability Levitate in reality keeps its body off of the ground, meaning that it is totally immune to Ground kind moves. Although Solrock has plenty of weaknesses, it has the capability to sense what others are thinking, giving it one advantage.

Snover and also its evolution, Abomasnow, room frost tree Pokémon that are weak versus 7 different types. These varieties are Fighting, Flying, Poison, Rock, Bug, Steel, and Fire.

Both Snover and Abomasnow room Pokémon that prefer to prevent fighting. Lock are often hiding in mountains under the cover of thick blizzards created by Abomasnow, and also can conveniently camouflage within your snowy environment.

1 Terrakion Is A Rock & Fighting Type

Terrakion is a an effective Legendary Pokémon who pertains to the help of Pokémon that need its help. It is solid enough to ruin a lock on its own and even fought against humans in an effort to protect Pokémon that had actually lost your homes.

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What makes Terrakion"s background more superior is the it was able to carry out those things regardless of having a full of 7 different form weaknesses. It is weak come Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water, Grass, Psychic, and also Fairy.

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