The green Mile is one American fantasy crime drama film written and directed by candid Darabont. It is based upon Stephen king novel of the same name released in 1996. The stars Tom Hanks, Michael Clarke Duncan, David Morse, Bonnie Hunt, James Cromwell, Graham Greene, Sam Rockwell, Patricia Clarkson, bother Dean Stanton, and Barry Pepper. The movie received confident reviews indigenous critics and also viewers, nominated 4 Oscars because that "Best Picture", "Best gibbs in a sustaining Role", "Best Writing, Screenplay based on Material Previously developed or Published", and also "Best Sound". The film was released ~ above December 10, 1999 (United States), grossed $290 million worldwide. The eco-friendly Mile was filmed at Warner Hollywood Studios. Filming took location in Shelbyville, Tennessee and Blowing Rock, phibìc Carolina.

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Blowing Rock. Photo by Justin Luebke on Unsplash.

Where to be The environment-friendly Mile Filmed?

The eco-friendly Mile was filmed in blow Rock, Blue Ridge Pkwy, Caney Fork, college Grove, Columbia, flat Top Manor, Lewisburg, Nashville, Shelbyville, State Prison, Sunset Bronson Studios and also Warner brothers Burbank Studios.

The finish list of the areas with latitude and also longitude collaborates are listed below in the table.

The environment-friendly Mile places Map

The environment-friendly Mile areas Table

Location NameLatitudeLongitude
Blowing Rock36.126408-81.672745
Blue Ridge Pkwy36.408104-81.196068
Caney Fork36.137653-85.804405
College Grove35.787708-86.677078
Flat peak Manor36.149055-81.692902
State Prison36.177326-86.866409
Sunset Bronson Studios34.096916-118.317863
Warner brothers Burbank Studios34.148228-118.338951

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