Harry Potter: 10 things You no Know about Dudley Dursley While he was never Harry Potter’s favourite person, Dudley Dursley does have somewhat the a redemption journey and also some interesting facts about him.

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Dudley Dursley is definitely a side character in both the books and also in the films, yet he does get a little an ext attention in the books than in the movies. While he definitely wasn’t ever Harry Potter’s favorite person, Dudley does have somewhat that a redemption journey, and also it’s clean a most his flaws were the result of awful parenting.

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There are additionally several exciting pieces the backstory that have actually been revealed about Dudley native J.K. Rowling ~ the books were released. We’ve placed together a perform of 10 things you probably didn’t know about Dudley Dursley using information from the books, Pottermore, and also more.

PlayStation 5 release
One funny reality that most readers most likely missed is the Dudley had actually a Playstation prior to they were technically released. Dudley was always one to get the latest and greatest toys and also gadgets, as his parental spoiled him.

But, in Harry Potter and also the Goblet the Fire, that revealed the he throws his PlayStation out of the window. This wouldn"t it is in possible, however, as they no released till 1995 when the book takes place in 1994. That course, this was likely simply a tiny misstep on rowling’s part, however it is quite funny.


Dementors assault Dudley Dursley and also Harry Potter in The bespeak of the Phoenix
This is something that movie-only fans most likely aren’t aware of. After ~ the encounter v the Dementors in Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix, Dudley has actually a bit of a adjust of heart.

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While this change isn’t super apparent, that does start to be much less downright nasty to Harry. He could not have been all of sudden nice, but he no really stroked nerves him anymore. He to be even concerned by the reality that Harry was being left behind once the Dursleys had to leaving Privet journey in the last book.

Dudley Vernon and Petunia Dursley in harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
another somewhat little detail native the book is the fact that Dudley used to have actually basically the whole house come himself. It’s proclaimed in the books that the Dursleys" house had 4 bedrooms. One of them to be a guest bedroom, one was Vernon and Petunia"s, one to be Dudley’s, and also the smallest one was basically a preventive room for all of Dudley’s toys.

Many the these playthings were old and also broken, often due to the fact that Dudley himself had smashed them in fits. Take care of was ultimately given this room after the letter addressed to Harry in the “cupboard under the stairs” arrived in Harry Potter and also the Sorcerer"s Stone.

7 DUDLEY & HARRY maintained IN TOUCH together ADULTS

Dudley and Harry in the Deathly Hallows
offered all the Harry was placed through at Dudley’s hands farming up and also Dudley’s terrible upbringing, it provides sense that these 2 would never come to be close. However, J. K. Rowling has mentioned that they no outright despise each various other as adults.

They would send each other Christmas cards and also were conscious of the big events in every other’s lives. In fact, Rowling even said the every now and again, Harry would certainly take his children to visit Dudley and also his family.

an additional book reality that isn’t revealed in the Harry Potter movies is the Dudley was forced by his mommy to walk on a diet in Harry Potter and also the Goblet that Fire. This wake up after a nurse in ~ the institution he go to, Smeltings, said it.

This outcomes in Dudley throw a the majority of fits. He additionally ends up acquisition up wrestling together a hobby and becomes stronger and even more intimidating than he was as a child.

5 J.K. ROWLING nearly GAVE that A wonder CHILD

one more fact around Dudley was revealed by Rowling ~ the books. While that not component of publication canon, that is an amazing bit of info.

Rowling talked about how she nearly gave Dudley a magical child himself. She thought about having him it is in at communication 9 ¾ throughout the epilogue. However, she chose not to do so since she believed Vernon’s DNA would have killed out any kind of trace of magical blood.

according to the bother Potter Wiki, the two cousins were very close in age. In fact, they were only five weeks apart, with Dudley being the older of the two. Dudley to be born top top June 23, 1980.

Even if Harry had actually been treated better by the Dursleys, it’s most likely these two could have had actually some squabbles due to the fact that of your close age. But, probably in a different world, the two might have to be friends if Petunia and also Vernon had not increased Dudley to dislike Harry therefore much.


after ~ the publications were released, Rowling did reveal more details about many of the characters and also their future lives. While Dudley isn’t mentioned in the epilogue, she did offer some information around his life as an adult.

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Dudley grew up, got married, had two children. His wife and children were both Muggles. The gender of the two youngsters hasn’t to be revealed by Rowling.

it’s no surprised to any Harry Potter pan that the Dursleys cure Harry horribly from the job he arrived on their doorstep. Castle abused Harry and also spoiled Dudley. The discrepancy between how they treated the was rather large.

One method this is obvious is in the gifts they would provide them. Dudley would obtain piles of gifts on his birthdays if Harry was happy to obtain an old sock. Even Aunt Marge go the very same thing. In fact, Marge used to invest Christmas in ~ Privet Drive and also once offered an high-quality robot toy come Dudley and also a crate of dog biscuits to Harry.


before Harry learned he was a wizard and also went to Hogwarts, the 2 boys went to the exact same public school. Lock attended St. Gregory’s major School together, wherein Dudley and his friends would bully Harry.

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This supposed that Harry gained picked on by Dudley both in ~ home and also at school. Luckily, Harry to be fast enough that he might often escape your grasp.

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