Durant score 48 points in his Brooklyn Nets’ 115-111 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks in overtime of game 7 of their Eastern Conference semifinals collection on Saturday night. Durant sent out the video game to overtime with a buzzer-beating jumper indigenous deep in ~ the end of regulation.

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Durant’s feet to be on the 3-point line, i m sorry is why the basket only counted for 2 points. A issue of an customs or so to be the difference in between the shot being to victory the video game instead of tie the game.

#NBAplayoffs game 7, BUCKS win !Nets space not in Conference Final due to the fact that the feet of Kevin Durant brush the heat of 3 point out in one of the biggest shot the all-time after a turn move. UNREAL. Pic.twitter.com/nMcErN3kVP

— #EURO2020 (
Twitugal) June 20, 2021

Durant’s right toe to be on the line, yet his left foot was well over the line, to the suggest it wasn’t also a an overwhelming call.

Durant stated after the game he believed he had actually won video game 7, other than for one thing.

“But my huge a– foot stepped top top the line,” Durant said. “I just saw exactly how close ns was to ending their season through that shot.”

So what’s the story through his shoes size and how is that relevant? NBA writer Royce Young recalled the Durant common in a feature for chris Herring the he put on a complete shoe size bigger when the plays basketball compared to his shoe dimension the remainder of the time.

Did you know: KD actually wears a full size bigger in gamings than his actual shoe size. Native
Herring_NBA’s 2018 story around why KD’s shoes loss off all the time: pic.twitter.com/kKo2gthZR8

— Royce Young (
royceyoung) June 20, 2021

That information had fans thinking if Durant wore his correct shoe size as soon as he played, the Nets would have actually advanced.

It’s a funny thought, yet not also close to being reality. Durant would have had actually to undertake a shoe 5 sizes smaller than normal to have been behind the line. Yet it’s quiet a funny thing to think about.

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