Provides well balanced cushioning, traction that works on all surfaces, and premium BattleKnit upperEspecially recommended because that explosive and an effective wing players.
Nike Lebron Soldier 13
The Lebron Soldier 13 provides awesome traction and also no actual weaknessesA good all-around performer that works an extremely well for heavier players
Nike Lebron 15
The mix of waiting Max and also Zoom offers an insanely comfortable cushioningWorks extremely well for large guys that need a lot of of influence protection.
Nike Lebron angry 5
A an excellent budget performer native Lebron through no actual weakness.Great for players of all positions looking for a
Nike Lebron 17
The large Max wait unit in the heel and 2 Zoom Air devices in the forefoot provide crazy cushioningTop selection if girlfriend are in search of a comfortable, supportive shoe through a ton of impact protection
Nike Lebron 15 Low
The LeBron 18 low comes with a couple of upgrades end the constant LeBron 18 model.Great for forwards or centers who need a lot of influence protection.

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Great support and lockdown for a very secure feelingRecommended because that bigger men who look at for influence protection and also support
The low version of the Lebron 17 switches to react foam in the forefoot and Mesh products in the upperA good choice for Lebron pan who prefer low-tops contrasted to Lebron's nice bulky high-tops
An update to the LeBron Soldier heat without the forefoot straps.Great for large guys who favor forefoot cushion and need a lot of support.
Great traction the performs everywhere - also outdoorsAn affordable performer that will work for nearly all players
LeBron's 18th signature shoe has actually one the the ideal cushion setups available.Great for huge guys who prefer soft and also comfortable cushioning.
Hex Zoom cushioning setup offers a ton of impact protectionBest because that bigger, heavier players with vast feet
Lebron's spending plan model comes with a big Zoom unit in the forefootOnly recommended because that Lebron fans that can't purchased his much more expensive signature shoes
LeBron James to be drafted together the first overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft the end of Saint Vincent-Saint mary by the Cleveland Cavaliers. He winner Rookie of the Year, a scoring title, and an help championship, together with multiple All-NBA selections, All-Star appearances, All-Star game MVPs, All-Defensive selections, continuous Season MVPs, NBA championships, and also NBA Finals MVPs. He play his an initial seven periods in Cleveland, then moved to southern Beach because that four. He climate went earlier to his rookie team and spent an additional four periods there. Due to the fact that 2018, he has actually been suiting up because that the Los Angeles Lakers.

Playing Style

LeBron James is detailed at 6’9” and also was the finest player the the 2010s v his unusual mix of strength forward dimension and allude guard skills.

Lebron James Logo

LeBron James was referred to as as “the King” and also that to be what Darrin Crescenzi supplied as motivation for his key logo. That a crown with the left side being an “L” and also right side a “J,” his initials. One more logo that he has actually been known to usage is the “Dunkman,” which gives a shout out to Jordan’s Jumpman. It is usually the silhouette the James’ signature dunk – cock it back as much as feasible then slam the home. In between the two, however, the previous one is the many recognizable.

What Shoe dimension Does Michael Lebron James Wear?

LeBron James put on a dimension 15.

History of Lebron Signature Shoes

LeBron James was obtaining unprecedented endorsement deals as a rookie. Adidas readily available $60 million. Reebok came up with a $115 million deal, but he instead opted because that Nike’s seven-year, $90 million offer. That still holds the document for the biggest signed rookie endorsement contract in the background of sports. This confirmed to be precious it because that the brand and they saw it fit to expand his contract in 2015. According to one of the King’s service partners, the transaction is now worth end a billion dollars and will run for LeBron’s lifetime.

His first signature, the Nike wait Zoom Generation, debuted in his an initial NBA game on November 5, 2003.

shoes Release date Retail Price
Nike Lebron 18 Low Mar 2021 $159.99
Nike Lebron evil 5 Nov 2020 $99.99
Nike Lebron 18 Oct 2020 $199.99
Nike Lebron Soldier 14 Sep 2020 $139.99
Nike Lebron 17 Low Feb 2020 $169.99
Nike Lebron angry 4 Oct 2019 $99.99
Nike Lebron 17 Oct 2019 $199.99
Nike Lebron Soldier 13 Jul 2019 $139.99
Nike Lebron 16 Sep 2018 $184.99
Nike Lebron Soldier 12 Apr 2018 $139.99
Nike Lebron 15 Low Mar 2018 $149.99
Nike Lebron 15 Nov 2017 $184.99
Nike Lebron Soldier 11 Jun 2017 $129.99
Nike Lebron 14 Jan 2017 $174.99
* includes only shoes released in 2017 or later on

Characteristics of Lebron Shoes

LeBron James is among the most distinct players ever. His sneakers reflect the by consistently providing consumers the many cushioned pair of shoes in the market over the years. Zoom Air, merely Air, and Air Max have been the tools of selection for the line and also it is usually v this that Nike outdoes itself with placing the many cushion in a sneaker. This gave civilization maximum influence protection for solid impacts and long games, but not as much court feel.

The King has constantly been a pan of greater collared shoes. All of his releases have been of the form and this offers a bit more containment 보다 low tops. Materials, however, have adjusted throughout the years. The first six versions all featured a largely leather develop with most of them having actually straps. The next four then featured a lot of fuse v overlays here and there. From the LeBron 11 come 14, mesh was offered with a lot of fabricated and/or plastic overlays. The LeBron 15 saw the debut that Battleknit and has due to the fact that been the staple for the line.

Unlike various other athletes v take down models, LeBron James actually wears his on court. He has actually three, in order of popularity: Soldier, Witness, and also Ambassador. That donned the 10th version of the very first one in the 2016 NBA Finals. The second is much more for the average consumer with much less cushion 보다 the key line. The third was produced outdoor play and is most popular in Asia, since it usually only releases there.

The most recognizable the LeBron’s colorways is the “Graffiti.” that was very first released v the LeBron 8 and has been a norm because then. The line has likewise been among the many expensive with current releases going for $200 in ~ retail.

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Special Colorways

Nike LeBron 9 “Watch the Throne”
With an median sale price the $3,000, the Nike LeBron 9 “Watch the Throne” is the many expensive the the King’s line on StockX. It features a black color upper with a gold swoosh and also lace lock. The outsole glows in the dark and the inner is printed with tons of graphics. It pays homage come Jay Z and Kanye West’s album which to be released in 2011.