The Russian Tortoise can be found all end Russia, the center East and Western Asia. Lock love come dig, climb and eat irpari greens.

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This varieties is also well-known as the Horsfield’s Tortoise.

Russian Tortoises are among the most renowned pet tortoise breeds since of their little size, distinctive personalities, and ease of care in captivity.

When purchasing that is vital to realize they deserve to live for over 40 years. Buying one is a irreversible commitment.

If you are ready for this commitment, review our care-guide to learn exactly how to properly collection up your Russian Tortoise’s enclosure, what to feed them, and what actions you need to expect…

As hatchlings this varieties measures just one customs in length.

Russian Tortoises lay eggs that at some point hatch into a infant tortoise after ~ 60 to 75 days.

These hatchlings are born just an customs in size and will grow really slowly over the course of their lifetime. They i will not ~ reach your adult dimension of 6 come 8 inches until around 20 come 30 years.

Russian Tortoises reach sex-related maturity approximately 15 come 20 months of age when castle are around 4.5 inch in length.

Males initiate breeding by circling the female and bobbing their head. The mating procedure will last in between 10 and also 20 minutes and also females will certainly lay approximately 5 eggs.

Lower incubation temperatures are connected with males. The reverse is an ext associated through females.

How lot Does A Russian tortoise Cost?

These tortoises frequently range in price native $100 come $200. If you want to prevent spending a the majority of money then try browsing neighborhood rescue groups. There’s a good chance one will certainly become accessible because of their popularity and also lifespan.

Species with distinct patterns such as the “Black Russian Tortoise” will cost more than typical colorations.

Captive-bred Russian Tortoises make better pets 보다 wild-caught. Captive-bred tortoises space typically an ext docile and also personable. If purchase one native a captive breeder, you should inquire about how the tortoises to be bred and raised come ensure that they space healthy and happy.

The right Russian tortoise should:

Be bright and also alert.Free of any kind of discharge native its eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.Have skin and also a shell free of blemishes or irregularities.Show no indications of aggression when handled.

All of these conditions should be met when purchasing a Russian Tortoise.

Russian tortoise Facts
Common NameRussian Tortoise, Horsfield’s Tortoise, or Afghan Tortoise
Scientific NameAgrionemys horsfieldii
Size6 – 10 inch (females space slightly bigger)
Lifespan40+ years
DietLeafy greens, vegetables, and also occasionally fruit
Tank SizeFive square feet
Humidity & TemperatureBasking temperature: 90°FCool side: 70-72°F
Popular AlternativesRed-Footed TortoiseIndian Star TortoiseMediterranean Spur-Thighed Tortoise


The Russian turtle makes wonderful pet because that just about anyone from an initial time reptile owners to the skilled enthusiast.

This species is one that the most famous breeds due to the fact that of their hardy nature, funny personality, little size, and also low husbandry requirements.

When to buy this each other you should consider their long lifespan and also expect them come live for an ext than 4 decades. If this is also long, then think about the the Indian Star Tortoise. They room a comparable sized turtle that also makes a great pet.

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If you’re in search of a lifelong friend then the Russian tortoise is the pet because that you.