Doctor"s note on Catfish Sting

Catfish are a distinctive form of fish v whiskers protruding native the area about the mouth and also external spines close to their fins. Catfish room usually discovered in muddy rivers, lakes, and also on beaches in tropical, subtropical, and also temperate waters. Catfish are not aggressive. Catfish sings usually take place when people are fishing or bathing and also they come into call with a catfish, regularly by stepping on it or dealing with the fish after ~ it has actually been caught. Both saltwater and freshwater catfish stings space dangerous. Each type of catfish has three spines and also a stinging apparatus.

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Symptoms of a Catfish Sting may include severe pain and inflammation at the site of the sting.See a doctor if you have been stung by a catfish.Over-the-counter (OTC) medications are usually recommended to relax pain and also decrease redness and inflammation indigenous the catfish sting.What Is the treatment for a Catfish Sting?

Catfish stings room usually no life threatening but can be an extremely painful. Over there is no straight antidote for a catfish sting and also treatment is typically aimed at relief of symptoms.

Treatment the a catfish sting might include:

Immersing the i stabbed it body part in water as warm as is tolerable to inactivate the proteins and also relieve pain from a stingSpines must be removed carefullyCover the wound however do no close v dermal glue or stich the togetherOral antibiotics are recommended because that catfish stings that end up being infectedSeek medical treatment if the wound is red and also you think it may be infectedAntibiotics have to be taken if epidemic develops and also continued for at least five days ~ all indicators of infection have actually resolved

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