once placing your cap on for graduation, you might wonder, "Which means do graduation tassels go?" Keep reading to discover the answer to this question and also some other exciting information about your tassel.

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wearing Graduation Tassels top top the correct Sides

do graduation tassels go left or right? Graduation tassels walk on the right side of your cap before you graduate. In part schools, you move the tassel end to the left after girlfriend shake the hand of the human being who grants her diploma. In other schools, friend will need to wait till the major announces that your class has officially graduated and asks anyone to relocate it in ~ one time.

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The Symbolism of the Tassel

The graduation tassel is a prize of success. Some think the reason why you ar the tassel ~ above the ideal is because you have earned the appropriate to graduate. Relocating the tassel to the left ~ graduating is symbolic that crossing over from high school (or college) to one more stage in her life.

In the future, if you receive a master"s level or doctorate, girlfriend will ar your tassel top top the left of her mortarboard cap. You perform not flip the tassel to the right; it remains on the left before, during, and also after graduating. This is due to the fact that typically, candidates who are receiving their terminal degrees (ie master"s or doctorates) receive a hood the represents their academic discipline. The tassel bring away the ar of the hooding ceremony at the high school and also bachelor"s degree levels.

be Camera Ready

While heritage dictates that the tassel be worn top top the right and moved to the left ~ you get your diploma (or in ~ the conclusion of the ceremony), keep in mind that sometimes schools will straight you to location the tassel on the left. Generally, this is due to the fact that they have the photographer set up come take photos from the right, and also they want your face completely visible for some great shots. After all, no one wants a graduation snapshot featuring their tassel in the center of your face.

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conserve Your Tassel together a sign of Achievement

as soon as graduation is over, don"t simply throw her tassel in a box and also forget about it. It is in proud that your accomplishment and display screen it together a reminder that how much you"ve come. Some world have it put right into a framework with a picture from graduation. Others will certainly drape it around their rear view mirror in their car. Wherever you choose to ar your tassel, make certain to look in ~ it often, as it will certainly remind you of her success and also give friend hope for the future.

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