What dimension battery does her Fossil watch need?

If girlfriend are have a Fossil watch that requirements a new battery you are probably considering your alternatives for repair and also curious about what Fossil clock Battery size you need.

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The many accurate price is that "it depends". Fossil watches take a couple of different dimension batteries relying on the design of watch. The only method to phone call for certain is to open up the watch up (see our how to change a fossil clock battery guide) to see exactly how to open a Fossil watch and also see the battery type.

Fossil clock Battery Replacement

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Fossil watch Battery Size:

Here at watch Gnome, us have adjusted hundreds of Fossil watch batteries with our Fossil watch battery replacement organization and an extremely carefully track the species of batteries:

Most Popular: 370 / 371 we have found that 50% that the Fossil watch batteries we adjust are this type. Second Place: 377 The second most famous Fossil watch battery dimension is the 377 through 30% that the watches we change.Third Place: 364 The staying 20% the the Fossil clock batteries we change are sized 364.


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Options because that Fossil Battery Replacement

If her Fossil watch quit ticking, it"s finest to gain the battery changed and get it running again. Fossil watches room a reasonable invest at $75 to $300 each, and it"s occupational repairing the battery as opposed to simply buying a new watch.

DIY: If friend are analysis this post, it"s likely you are bit of a DIYer and also considering transforming the battery yourself. We applaud her ingenuity! A couple of helpful hints:Fossil Battery Cost: About $6-12 if girlfriend buy simply one, high high quality batteryUse The best Tools: There space a most tips and also tricks to adjust batteries with "house organize tools" - This is entirely fine, but just be aware there is some threat of scratching or damaging the watch. So simply be careful!Local Jeweler or clock Repair: Again another an excellent option if friend can discover one girlfriend trust and also can spare the 60-90 minute to take trip there and drop the clock off.

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Cost: Expect come pay between $25 - $50 because that this optionBattery Replacement through Mail: If you are looking to get your Fossil watch battery replaced by a professional however would prefer to save some time and money, think about Watch Gnome. Us can change your battery for as tiny as $20 and also do the whole thing there is no you having actually to leave your house.


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