Boxing is a sports in which 2 participants of similar weight struggle each other with their fists in gloves in a collection of one-to-three-minute intervals called rounds. The bout takes ar in a roped area called a ring.

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Boxing Australia is administer by the international Boxing combination (AIBA) Technical and Competition rules.

The ring and canvas size

For all AIBA Competitions, the ring is 6.10m square inside the line of the ropes. The size of the apron expand 85cm exterior the line of the ropes on each side, including extr canvas vital to tighten and also secure it. The elevation of the ring is 100cm native the ground.

Platform and also corner pads

The platform is 7.80m squared, level and complimentary from any obstructing projection. That is equipment with 4 corner posts with 4 edge pads to prevent injury come the boxers.Corner pads space arranged as follows:In the near left side corner – red.In the far left side edge – white.In the far right side corner – blue.In the close to right side edge – white.

Surface of the ring floor

The floor is extended with felt, rubber or other suitably approved material that is soft in quality and also elasticity. It is no be less than 1.5cm and no more than 2.0cm thick. The canvas is make of non‑­slip material and covers the entire platform. The canvas is coloured Pantone blue 299.


The ring has four separate ropes, 4cm thick, on every side that the edge posts.

The heights the the 4 ropes space 40cm, 70cm, 100cm and 130cm indigenous the canvas. The ropes room covered by a thick padding.The ropes space joined on each side the the ring, at equal intervals, by two pieces of material 3‑­4cm wide.These 2 pieces are comparable in structure to the canvas and must not slide along the rope.The tension of each ar of the optimal two ropes is tight and the bottom 2 sections is not too tight.

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There room three set of actions to the ring, two sets in ~ opposite corners because that the usage of boxers and also support staff and one collection of procedures in an additional corner because that the usage of the referee and also ringside physician.


AIBA technical Rules amended 31 respectable 2014 Istanbul. Https://

Boxing Australia Rules and also Regulations