What’s in a name? once it come to new Jersey’s nickname, “The Garden State,” numerous of united state will recognize that we don’t really know.

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Sure, the name appears fitting given brand-new Jersey’s huge scenery and also some 10,000 farms. Yet the story has much much more to it 보다 that, consisting of a little bit of mystery. Check out on for a quick and also fun history lesson top top the beautiful state we call home.

New Jersey: “The Garden State”


So, this is the thing: there’s no 100% definitive explanation for how brand-new Jersey obtained the nickname, “The Garden State.” yet the consensus is the Attorney general Abraham Browning that Camden coined the ax in a decided at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia on Jersey Day, respectable 24, 1876.

“In his attend to Mr. Browning compared new Jersey come an tremendous barrel, filled with good things to eat and open at both ends, through Pennsylvanians grabbing native one end and the brand-new Yorkers indigenous the other. That called new Jersey the Garden State, and also the name has clung come it ever before since,” created Alfred M. Hoston in his two-volume 1926 work, Jersey Waggon Jaunts.

The supposed loose end to that story, though, is that the barrel picture actually dates ago to the job of Benjamin Franklin.

Nevertheless, in 1954, the new Jersey legislative voted to officially add “The Garden State” to brand-new Jersey license plates, despite an adamant veto from governor Robert B. Meyner. You have the right to read his veto post here.

Other fun Facts


New Jersey is arguably the proudest, most varied state in America. Our character is unique, and also our culture makes the Garden State feel favor home.

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Here room a couple of more funny facts around NJ:

The state bird is the eastern goldfinch, also known as the wild canary or the American goldfinch. This small guy gained the nod as the main state bird in 1935.The state an insect is the honeybee. In 1974, governor Brendan T. Byrne signed the invoice designating the honeybee as the official state bug after a team of Hamilton Township schoolchildren went to the State home with a song and poem around the bee.The state tree is the red oak. This is the one that bursts with bright red and also fiery orange in fall.The state flower is the violet, i beg your pardon blossoms throughout just about every NJ county in spring.

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