Have you ever before thought the it to be odd that record is deemed to burn in ~ 451 levels Fahrenheit? Doesn’t that seem a little high? after all, we’ve every seen just how quickly and easily document can burn as soon as exposed come a match, right? So, why go it show up to it is in so tough to burn as soon as we look at at the number? It needs to do through the reality that there space a few ways to define “burning” together we discovered out because that you.

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The temperature in ~ which record will burn can vary through material, moisture, and also thickness. The average temperature at which it will ignite and also burn is between 424 and 475 levels Fahrenheit (218 and 246 degrees celsius).

Let’s take a closer look at the proposed burning temperature of document and see what castle look favor in the genuine world. Us will also explore exactly how cardboard’s burning/ignition temperatures to compare to those the paper.

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Ignition Temperature that CardboardConclusion

The burn Temperature that Paper

Before we acquire too deep into this – we should acknowledge the different types of record will have substantially various numbers associated with them. The period of the file may also cause a variation in the burn temperature of the document too.

So, we’ve tried, wherever possible, to take an average in between different varieties of record for this article, but that isn’t a measure up of increased accuracy – it’s a ballpark figure.

This only really matters if you trying valuable experiments come force document to burn, other that we wouldn’t recommend trying outside of a lab atmosphere with lot of of fire safety devices on hand. Otherwise, friend may discover that the precise numbers are less of a difficulty than the fire, the you simply started, is.

But then we likewise need to recognize that there are several interpretations that we might apply to the hatchet “burn” when asking, “At what temperature does record burn?” These include:

The temperature in ~ which a naked fire can set the file on fire.The temperature in ~ which document “just” catches fire by itself (spontaneously).The temperature which burning paper gives off or produces.

These numbers are not the only feasible definitions, an altering the atmospheric pressure approximately a fire, for example, can also influence on these temperatures.

But uneven you intend to light a fire on height of Everest or at the bottom the the Marianas Trench, in most atmospheres such changes are minimal at best and also don’t market a far-reaching impact top top the figures generated.

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Ignition Temperature

By this, we typical at “what temperature can a naked fire or spark collection the paper on fire?” as opposed to record just sitting roughly getting warmer prior to it goes up in exhilaration àla Ray Bradbury.

Well, almost any naked fire ought to carry out the trick yet mainly since most nude flames are an extremely hot in the an initial place. they may have actually a really localized heat in the you have the right to place her fingers an customs or two over or to the side of the flame and keep castle cool but place her finger in the hottest burn area of the flame and you’ll remorse it.

The sexy area of a flame is not the pointer of the flame however the slight “blue” aura around it, this is the zone in i beg your pardon the material being shed is experience a process of absolute combustion (that is every the product is gift burned and also thus, releasing the maximum lot of energy).

This blue aura is an ext visible v some flames 보다 others however it is constantly there.

Typical temperatures from a naked flame encompass 4,074 degrees from a Butane tobacco lighter, 1670 degrees from a candle, and also 3,488 for an ethanol (alcohol) flame!

It becomes very clear as soon as we carry out this exercise that the warmth of a naked fire is considerably greater than the auto-ignition temperature of paper. That is the temperature in ~ which document catches fire every by itself.

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Combustion Temperature

So, ray Bradbury’s insurance claim of 451 levels Fahrenheit belonging here and also to it is in fair to the master of science fiction – in his day, this was the number that was many widely believed to be true.

He couldn’t have known the his book about the burn of publications (and thus, the title “Fahrenheit 451”) would catch on for this reason well the the number would become permanently connected with the temperature that file combusts at.

However, every the modern evidence states that Bradbury’s number is more than likely a little on the short side. In particular, old textbooks (of the kind shed in Bradbury’s book) seem come burn at around 481 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s no a vast difference but it is significant enough to be interesting.

This walk not average that if you litter a publication into an oven at this temperature that it instantly bursts into flame.

Paper is one insulator and thus, at least to start with, it will certainly absorb rather a bit of heat and also the peculiar thickness of file in the facility would for sure that warm was funneled away from the surface ar of the external pages – which space the only little that can capture fire due to the fact that they need a fuel source, oxygen in the air, come burn.

So, it will certainly take a few minutes yet when the happens, the publication ought to go up in a few seconds and also then end a minute or two, it need to be lessened entirely come ash as long as the temperature continues to be constantly greater than 481 degrees Fahrenheit. The course, the act of burning the publication will aid with this together burning a publication releases heat.

Take a look here:


The ignition warm of “corrugated board” i m sorry is the official definition of what cardboard is, is much greater than the of paper. This is other that us think ought to be obvious given the cardboard is a heavier, more dense material and can therefore insulate versus heat much more effectively than paper.

The number we have actually for this is 800 degrees Fahrenheit, which is end 300 degrees an ext than record requires! So, if you want to choose an insulating product from paper and cardboard, go with cardboard.

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Flashpoint and “ignition temperature” and “combustion temperature” are, for all intents and purposes, the very same thing, and also thus – the flashpoint that cardboard is 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

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At what temperature does record burn? Well, it relies on just how you define burn but if us go through Ray Bradbury’s definition the probable prize is that record auto-ignites at about 481 degrees Fahrenheit though the number is subject to far-ranging variance and one study, despite something of one outlier, insurance claims that it’s yes, really 481 levels Celsius! (We don’t agree.)

As for exactly how hot file gets once it burns? The prize is really hot, indeed, v temperatures of up to 1,500 levels Fahrenheit gift nothing exterior of the regular range. Through the appropriate conditions and fuel, it’s possible that they could become much, lot hotter still.