Where come Buy Alcohol In Connecticut, beer is accessible for purchase in grocery and convenience stores with spirits and also wine easily accessible at sleeve package stores. Restaurants and also bars serve alcohol indigenous 9 a.m. Come 1 a.m. Monday with Thursday, and 9 a.m. Till 2 a.m. Top top Friday and also Saturday. Alcohol can not be sold all over on Sundays or holidays. Legal age for Drinking/Serving Alcohol You need to be 21 to drink in Connecticut, but only 18 to offer alcohol in a restaurant or occupational as a bartender or in a package store. In ~ 15 you may work in a grocery store that sells beer. open up Container regulations While the is illegal for a driver to consume alcohol, passengers in the auto may drink and also have open up containers. BAC boundaries The preferably blood-alcohol content (BAC) for Connecticut is .08 percent. For any type of percentage over this quantity a driver is thought about ‘per se intoxicated,’ definition that alone is sufficient evidence to judge a driver of DUI (driving under the influence). As result of ‘zero tolerance laws,’ vehicle drivers under the age of 21 with a .02 percent blood-alcohol level or above are subject to DUI penalties. In Connecticut those tested v a BAC in ~ .16 percent above the legal limit or drivers refusing to cooperate through chemical trial and error receive an ext stringent punishment, i beg your pardon can include suspension the the driver’s patent for approximately one year. penalty ‘Implied consent laws,’ i m sorry a driver agrees come upon agree a driver’s license, include showing a driver’s license and also proof the insurance top top request and submitting to breath, blood, or urine trial and error to prove intoxication. If a driver refuses to cooperate, s/he may face suspension that the driver’s patent for up to one year. through the first DUI offense the DMV (Department of motor Vehicles) imposes mandatory patent suspension because that one year; for the second offense, three years; because that the 3rd offense, the driver’s patent is revoked. A auto cannot it is in confiscated ~ above conviction of DUI in Connecticut, although this does occur in various other states. However, one ignition interlock an equipment can be mounted at the driver’s cost upon the second DUI conviction. Obligated alcohol education and learning is a feasible punishment.

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DUI is considered a felony after the 3rd conviction.
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