A local shopping hub in Lincolnwood, Illinois, the Lincolnwood Town facility is a beautiful designed and totally enclosed shopping mall that features bright lights and also marble floors for a comfortable environment and also friendly atmosphere.

Home to end 90 retailers prefer Old Navy, Kohl’s, Express, Victoria’s Secret, and also more. Lincolnwood Town facility has a store for every style.

After shopping, head to the upper level where tiny ones can play and also explore in the Children"s pat Area. Prior to heading home, take a meal at one of the plenty of dining options, consisting of Grill to express or cm Chicken.

Lincolnwood Town facility has simply what you need, for Every Occasion.

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ATM Machine

For easy accessibility to your cash, a Travelex ATM is situated on the upper level, next to the escalator.


Baby an altering Station

For her convenience, baby transforming stations are situated in the women"s toilet on the upper level by the food court.


Children"s pat Area

Take a break from shopping and let your little one gain some fun at the pat area. Situated next to the food court. Open up to all kids under 42 customs in height.


\Device Charging Station

For her convenience, we offer recharging train station fit for many devices, located in center court and also at the play area.


Electric car Charge

In an on-going effort to support energy consumption, electric auto charging train station are available for usage at parking spaces top top the reduced level by the main entrance.

Family Restroom

For her convenience, you’ll uncover family restrooms situated on the upper level, alongside the food court.

First Aid

First-aid assistance deserve to be listed at the mall management office. In the event of one emergency please call mall protection at 847-652-6042 or dial 911. AED gadgets are situated at the mall monitoring office and in the exterior mobile unit.

Food Court

Take a break from shopping and enjoy a snack or meal at the food court conveniently located on the upper level, right ahead as you action off the escalator or to your best as you exit the elevator.

Handicap Accessible

Our residential or commercial property offers access for our guest needing extr assistance. Handicap parking is situated at every entrances. Available restrooms are situated by the food court and also inside that Kohl"s.

Kiddie Rides

Let your tiny one reap a drive on our kiddie rides. Situated next come the food court. Coin-operated rides.

Wireless (Wi-fi) Internet

Stay linked on-the-go by using totally free Wi-Fi solutions throughout the mall.

Lost & Found

If friend misplace an item, visit shed & found located top top the upper level at the mall administration office, next to Footlocker. Friend may likewise call security at 847-652-6042.


To make your experience the best it deserve to be, our mall is a Non-Smoking facility. Designated smoking areas are 15 feet far from any kind of mall entrance.


Shop with tranquility of mind discovering our security is here to for sure a safe and also enjoyable experience. If you need to call Security at any time throughout your visit, please speak to 847-652-6042.

Stuffed pet Ride Rental

Enjoy a fun and also unique suffer by riding among our Zippity Zoomers. Located on the reduced level, purchase tickets in ~ the Zippity Zoomers cart. All ages are welcome come ride, restrictions do apply. Parental supervision is required for all children.

Vending Machines

Grab a rapid drink from among the Coca Cola vending machines situated throughout the property.


If you room in require of a wheelchair during your visit, please contact security at 847-652-6042 or pertained to the mall management office between 8:30am and also 5:00pm.

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