We would like to clock a TV show tonight that claims 10/9c however we don't understand what time it will certainly air here? remaining in LA. Might anyone you re welcome help???


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9C method 9 central time, which is 2 hrs front of LA. Therefore it have to be 7 LA time. Although neighborhood stations may have discretion in terms of display time.

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No, thanks. That's not right. If the moment is posted together 10/9c, that way that the show airs ~ above the west coastline (L.A.) and the east shore at 10 and in the central time ar (midwest area the the U.S,) at 9. The last continuing to be time zone (mountain time) is never discussed on this schedules so ns don't know what time program air there.

There is a 2 hour time difference between the main and Pacific time zones, but major networks perform not broadcast major shows in ~ 7:00pm, so you require to check either the neighborhood newpaper TV ar or look for an online guide that will show air times. You might also try "tvguide.com" online; you'll require to click on "change location/provider', then enter the zip code, whether you're ~ above cable,satellite, etc. If you're in ~ a hotel, you may need come ask what provider lock use. Great luck - hope you're not also late!

Normally this means that the show is on at 10pm in every time zone except the main time zone, wherein its on at 9. This has actually something to carry out with satelite feeds - traditionally the networks can broadcast their signal to the eastern coast, west coast and also mountain time zones. There to be no different feed for main time zone so it shared the feed with the eastern coast, yet being one hour behind the east coast, the reflects were top top one hour previously in central.

Well not to confuse the issue however 10/9 means

10 afternoon EST and also 10 afternoon PST (la is PST)

9 pm CST (in Chicago because that example) and also 9 pm MST (in Denver because that example)

Depends ~ above the show. Live sporting activities event? 7 p.m. PST. Regular, videotaped show? more than likely 10 p.m. Local. You can examine this on net sites and also local newspapers.

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Sorry, however how countless answers and how numerous times will the poor OP get the exact same answer? You males are simply making something quite basic very confusing. Chuck.

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