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The United says is a totally free country, and because that that, ours citizens are permitted to move openly from one location to another. However, this comes v a few restrictions — especially if you’re a minor. In Colorado, minors don’t merely need to compete with the rules your parents offer them, however the state as well.

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Failure to comply with curfew legislations in Colorado can an outcome in legit consequences. Here’s what you need to know around Colorado’s SafeNite Program, what happens once a teenager violates these laws, and the potential aftermath they deserve to face.

What Is Colorado’s SafeNite Program?

Curfews because that minors room nothing new in Colorado. In fact, they’ve remained in effect due to the fact that the 1990s. The difficulty is that numerous minors and their parental didn’t yes, really know around them. That’s wherein the SafeNite regimen comes right into play.

The curfew legislation states that minors under 17 cannot be in public there is no an adult after 11 on school nights or after ~ 12 top top weekends. The objective of the legislation is to aid kids steer clear of danger, no to ensnare lock in the juvenile justice system.

The thinking behind the legislation is that there’s a far-ranging amount that crime the takes ar after curfew hours. By keeping youngsters off the streets, lawmakers hope to aid them prevent being recorded up in those crimes. Minors recorded after curfew will certainly be taken right into custody by youth services and parents will certainly be contacted.

Are there Exemptions to Colorado Curfew Laws?

There are some exemptions constructed into the law that permit minors to legally be the end for certain activities ~ curfew. This exemptions have the right to vary from location to place, yet in general, minors are exempted if:

They’re add by one adult, such as a guardian or parentThey’re traveling to or from workThey’re attending religious or college eventsThey’re running errands under the accuse of an adultThere is one emergency

The Penalties for Breaking Curfew legislations in Colorado

There is a wide variety of penalties that can accompany youth curfew laws. They include:

Fines, which may increase relying on the violationsRestriction of driving privilegesCommunity service or participation in an after-school programPossible detention in juvenile hall or jail

If a parent enables their boy to knowingly violate curfew because that a reason exterior of the welcomed exceptions, then the parental may likewise be subject to fines or other creates of punishment.

To uncover out what the specific laws in your jurisdiction are, and also their associated penalties, friend should contact local authorities. Your neighborhood police room should have the info you need — and if lock don’t, climate they deserve to certainly point you in the exactly direction.

Colorado juvenile Diversion Programs


A common way that minor curfew-breakers are encountered in Colorado is v juvenile diversion programs. Diversion programs space meant to be an different to juvenile detention or jail and also is a typical tactic for first-time offenders.

Juvenile diversion programs might involve an element of probation or counseling and require the minor to show excellent conduct to complete the program. Youth programs often seek to connect minors that are considered at-risk in activities that will help them to alleviate offenses in the future. They will certainly identify any underlying concerns that reason the young to hurt curfew and administer support to them and their household to help them make confident changes.

Curfew is other for anyone to take seriously, so understand the legislations in your neighborhood surrounding the so you don’t get caught unaware the the potential consequences.

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