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How to get out the vermilion city in Pokemon fire red? I currently have the cut method but it says I cannot usage it till I get brand-new badge. I acquired only one badge

After you have beat Lt. Surge, head earlier to Cerulean City. After friend get ago there, head east of Cerulean City by cutting the little tree. If you follow the path, you will certainly soon get to absent Tunnel. You will require HM05 (Flash) to get through rock Tunnel. If you survive Rock Tunnel, you will come out near Lavender Town. If you head west the Lavender town onto course 8 and use the secret Path, you will certainly come out near Celadon City (Home the the fourth Gym Leader).Hope this helps!

Near digletts cave entrance, down the best is professor oaks assistant, and also he’ll give it to you if friend have more than 10 Pokémon
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