You have a favourite candle the you’d choose to light, but you can’t uncover your lighter or it’s the end of fuel. Never ever fear, every is no lost. There room several different ways the you can light a candle there is no a lighter. Right here are five different ways to light a candle without a lighter, from easiest to hardest:


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If you don’t have an electronic lighter, matches space the most traditional and easiest different to them. While no as convenient together an digital lighter, they space still pretty basic to use and light candle quickly, especially new candles wherein the wick hasn’t burned down as well far. Matches room also very widely easily accessible and can be choose up at practically every grocery keep whenever you’re the end running errands. If the candle has burned down really far, it have the right to be a little tricky to light v a match, especially if you can not fit your hand into the container. If your candle has burned down too much to usage a match, or you don’t have actually matches ~ above hand, girlfriend can try one of the other options on this list.

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Heating Elements

If friend don’t have matches, the next finest thing is to usage the heating facets in her house. The most convenient thing will it is in to usage a oven burner, however you could likewise use your oven, toaster or room heater. Revolve on the burner and wait until it it s okay red. Then touch a long, skinny candle come it–a taper is best. The wick should capture fire immediately, and then you deserve to use the long, skinny candle come light all the other candles in your house. If girlfriend don’t have actually a taper candle that you deserve to use, you can use a item of dried spaghetti, however you need to be very careful together it will record fire easily, developing a makeshift match. You can additionally use a cotton swab, yet the extra length of the spaghetti strand will provide you an ext time come light other candles prior to the flame gets too close to her hand.


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Battery and also Foil

If neither matches nor heating aspects are an option—for example, you have actually a strength outage and also therefore nobody of her appliances work—there is an additional option: a battery and also aluminum foil. Be certain to usage caution v this method, together you have the right to actually start a fire if you’re not careful. For the battery, you have the right to use an AAA, AA, C or D battery, relying on what you have at the house. Reduced a ¾-inch piece of aluminum foil around twice as lengthy as the battery and then wrinkles it in fifty percent and pinch the middle. Match up one finish of the piece to one end of the battery. The existing will travel with the aluminum strip, instantly heater it up. Take it the center of the strip (the part that you pinched) and also touch it to the candle wick. It should be hot enough to irradiate the wick really quickly. Eliminate the foil and also battery as quickly as the wick lights.

Magnifying Lens

This technique is a small tricky, however it have the right to work if you’re external or have a lot of of herbal light. You have the right to use a magnifying glass to focus the light on a curl of document until it records fire. If you’re having trouble, readjust the edge of the lens till you see a bright spot of irradiate on the paper. It might take a if to obtain the right angle, and you may have to hold the light on the paper for a moment until the heats up sufficient to capture fire. Make certain to extinguish the paper after you light the candle to protect against accidentally beginning a fire.


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Another technique that you deserve to use to irradiate a candle while you’re outside entails flint. If you strike the flint against something steel that consists of iron, that will create a spark. If you put some paper in a fireproof cup, you have the right to light the document and then usage that to irradiate the candle. Again, make sure you put out the fire once you’re done lighting the candle so that you nothing accidentally begin a bigger fire.

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Follow these five strategies (with caution) if she looking to irradiate a candle there is no a lighter. If all else fails, you have the right to make your house smell an excellent without having actually to light a candle. You can plug in an electric aroma diffuser, or if girlfriend don’t desire to usage power, collection up a reed diffuser that will passively spread out fragrance 24/7.