1. Sandals and socks

The classic. No matter just how much we warn versus it, they constantly sneak their way onto part strolling, oblivious middle-aged man come June.

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2. Sunlight cloaks

Sunsibility make UV beam protective clothes for the paranoid. This one is element 50, but we’d probably suggest just continuing to be indoors – because that everyone’s sake.


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3. Crocs

Listen lads, we understand they"re comfortable and also yes, the ventilation is next to none. These rubbery clogs constantly come through a rail of excuses, however unless you"re under 8 and also by a pool, there are no complimentary passes. See also: jelly shoes.



4. Too much pastel

You"re ~ above the Aran Islands, not a beach club in the Hamptons.


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5. Shark this necklace

Unless friend wrestled the shark to get it, there"s no factor it have to be hanging about your neck.


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6. Hawaiian Shirt

Penneys has a revenue on them, they"ll carry out for a change the holidays. No.



7. Copy sunglasses

Simply criminal. You need to only ever before see these when your challenge is reflected in them having actually just to be arrested by the cops on your J1.


8. Visor cap

Should never ever been seen anywhere outside of the tennis court, or 1996.


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9. Quick shorts

Deduct a more 10 point out if they"re denim.

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10. Mesh in any shape or form

Sure, it"s "grand and also cool on you", yet think that those around you. Solid blocks of cotton room poorly underrated.



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