Christmas and brand-new Year’s Eve are holidays that evoke solid emotions in societies that celebrate them, and also the exuberant Latin Americans are not exempt from this. Rather the contrary, strong family members values and deeply rooted spiritual traditions space still the norm throughout the continent, which method that Christmas and brand-new Year’s Eve are often commemorated “a lo grande”. All the an ext reason to send a warm greeting to co-workers, girlfriend or family members in Spanish-speaking countries. However perhaps you not certain what to create in a Christmas card in Spanish? Or you’re grounding on the question: exactly how do you finish a greeting card in Spanish? don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Thanks come José Feliciano’s track “Feliz Navidad”, pretty much anyone the has ever before listened to a radio in the western world in December since 1970 will certainly at least know exactly how to to speak Merry Christmas in Spanish. But let’s discover a few more typical Christmas wishes that will assist you spread out on some festive cheer top top to her Spanish-speaking friends.

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Short greetings because that Christmas cards in Spanish

Hearing indigenous friends and also loved ones approximately Christmas and brand-new Year’s is always heartwarming, even if their article is brief, so this is a perform of short, timeless paragraph to use for her Christmas cards and emails. Indigenous a straightforward Merry Christmas come the inquiry “what perform you desire for Christmas?” in Spanish. (Please note that we’re capitalizing numerous of the native in the greetings not because this is a grammar rule, but since it goes an ext with the layout of Christmas card greetings.)

Te deseo / Les deseoI great you (singular) / i wish girlfriend (plural)

Felices FiestasHappy Holidays

Feliz Navidad y un próspero Año NuevoMerry Christmas and a prosperous new Year

Te deseamos una Feliz NavidadWe wish you a funny Christmas.

Feliz Año NuevoHappy new Year

Dios car bendigaMay God bless you

Mis mejores deseos para tí y tu familiaBest wishes because that you and your family. (note the in Argentina and also Uruguay, would be replaced with vos)

Que tengan un año lleno de bendiciones(I hope) you have actually a year full of blessings.

Que se cumplan tus deseos este año(I hope) her wishes come true this year.

And below are a pair more geared toward children:

¡No te olvides de decorar el árbol de Navidad!Don’t forget to decorate the Christmas tree!

¿Le enviaste una carta a Papá Noel?Did you send a letter to father Christmas?

¿Qué quieres que dare regalen en Navidad?What do you want for Christmas?

Full Christmas Greetings in Spanish Cards

Now the you’ve currently got the basics of just how to create Merry Christmas in Spanish, we’ll existing you with two samples of complete Christmas card greetings. If your Spanish level is up for it, feel complimentary to readjust or include to the sample below to make it an ext personal.

Full Christmas card Greeting 1:


Este año no vamos a poder visitarte como siempre lo hacemos para pasar la Navidad juntos. Seguramente más adelante tendremos muchos momentos para pasar tiempo juntos. Te mandamos muchísimo cariño y los mejores deseos para el Año Nuevo.

Abrazos fuertes,

Tus hijos, Andrea y Alejandro



This year us won’t have the ability to visit you choose we generally do to spend Christmas together. Surely, in a small while we’ll have a many moments to spend time together. We’re sending out you heaps of affection and also our ideal wishes because that the new Year.

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Strong hugs,

Your children, Andrea and Alejandro

Full Christmas map Greeting 2:

Querida María y Arnulfo,

Este año ha sido muy difícil para todos. Sin embargo, espero que esta Navidad, tomen un momento para agradecer ras cosas positivas que les sucedieron este año. ¡Les deseo un Año Nuevo lleno de amor y éxitos!

Con mucho cariño,



Dear María and also Arnulfo,

This year has been very daunting for all of us. Nevertheless, i hope the this Christmas you’ll take a moment to offer thanks to every the hopeful things that have happened come you this year. I wish you a new Year fill of love and success!

With affection,


Catching up after Christmas

Fortunately, Christmas often way time off work and travel, which method you periodically don’t acquire to view your coworkers or friends until the brand-new Year. So, what if you want to ask them “How was your Christmas” in Spanish? below are a few useful phrases to assist you do just that.

¿Cómo pasaron la Navidad?How was your Christmas? (you-plural)

¿Qué hiciste en Nochebuena?What walk you do on Christmas Eve? (you-singular)

¿Cómo celebraron la Nochevieja?How did friend celebrate new Year’s Eve? (you-plural)

¿Qué te regalaron?What gift did girlfriend get?

¿Qué planes tienes para el Año Nuevo?What plans execute you have actually for the new Year?

¡Listo! You’ve simply made her Spanish Christmas-proof! go ahead and also use those an abilities wisely and surprise your Spanish-speaking friends with a warmth greeting this holiday season,