5.3 Measuring mass or load (EMG4J)

The scientific word for how much an object weighs on a scale is “mass”. In this publication we will usage the indigenous “weight” and also “mass” interchangeably, since both are supplied in everyday language. For instance “I sweet ( ext60) ( extkg)” or “the car"s mass is ( ext1) tonne”.

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In numerous contexts, we usage scales to measure weight or mass. Different varieties of scales are supplied to measure different sizes the objects. Some instances are offered in the table below:


Kitchen scales can be supplied to measure small quantities of food typically up come ( ext2) or ( ext3) ( extkg). The range on the left deserve to measure weight between ( ext0) and ( ext2) ( extkg) in weight. The devices are separated into kilograms and grams.


Scales because that measuring larger quantities the food (like vegetable or fruit) are sometimes seen in shops or in ~ markets. The scale on the left deserve to measure load from ( ext0) to ( ext10) ( extkg).


Bathroom scales deserve to be analog or digital (like the range on the left). Castle are supplied to measure up a person"s weight, and can measure weight from ( ext0) to ( ext150) ( extkg). Bathroom scale usually present units in kilograms and also grams - e.g. ( ext63,6) ( extkg).


Clinics and doctors" practices frequently use bigger analog scale to measure a person"s weight. This can likewise measure weight in between ( ext0) and ( ext150) ( extkg).


Flat digital scales, dubbed platform scales, can be provided to measure up bulky objects choose suitcases (at the airport) or dog (at the vet).


Weighbridges are provided to measure up very big objects favor trucks. The truck drives top top a distinct strip of roadway that is connected to a digital scale. The range operator (shown in the photo on the left) climate reads off the truck"s weight in tonnes.

Analogue scaleA range that has actually no electronic tools attached come it, (e.g. LCD screens).Digital scaleA scale that has actually electronic tools on it choose digital and LCD screens.CalibrationThis is procedure by which a scale is collection in order come take precise readings.

Most analogue scale can come to be inaccurate as soon as they are relocated around, due to the fact that they have moving components inside the can transition if the range is bumped or dropped. Therefore, before we usage an analogue scale we has actually to change the scale to make sure that it gives the many accurate readings possible. This procedure of adjusting the scale again is called re-calibration.

Digital scales room calibrated (adjusted for accuracy) in the factory when they space made and also do not end up being inaccurate when they are moved. Other, bigger scales favor a weighbridge will certainly be calibrated on-site (usually through a skilled engineer or technician).

Worked instance 3: measure weight

Study the complying with pictures of food top top a scale and answer the concerns that follow:


just how much walk this rice sweet in grams?Convert this come kilograms.


just how much go this flour weigh in kilograms?Convert this come grams.


just how much perform these sweet potatoes sweet in grams?Convert this come kg. What is the preferably weight the the scale used for the above three questions can measure?
( ext600) ( extg)( ext600) ( extg) (div) ( ext1 000) = ( ext0,6) ( extkg) ( ext1) ( extkg)( ext1) ( extkg) ( imes) ( ext1 000) = ( ext1 000) ( extg) ( ext300) ( extg)( ext300) (div) ( ext1 000) = ( ext0,3) ( extkg) ( ext3) ( extkg).

Calculating weight

A lift in a shopping mall has a notification that shows that the can bring ( ext2,2) tonnes or a maximum of ( ext20) people. Convert the tonne measurement to kilograms and also work the end what the technician who developed the lift approximated the maximum load of a human being to be.

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( ext2,2) ( extt) = ( ext2 200) ( extkg). ( ext2 200) ( extkg) (div) ( ext20) human being = ( ext110) ( extkg) each.