Regardless of the travel experience, that is for sure to to speak that virtually everyone knows what a palm tree watch like due to the fact that of the prevalence of the tree in popular music culture. However, a typical misunderstanding is the all palm trees are coconut trees. Even though a coconut tree (Cocos nucifera) is a species of the palm tree family (Arecaceae), over there is a good variety of palm trees no bearing coconuts.

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So in short: A coconut tree is a type of palm tree, but not every palm trees room coconut trees.

Although over there is only one types of palm tree that can bear coconuts (Cocos nucifera), over there is a large variety of different coconuts. These varieties deserve to be split into two key types:

Tall: up to 30 meters (98 ft)Dwarf: as much as 6-18 meter (20-60 ft)

One tree yields up to roughly 75 coconuts per year, if well maintained.


Coconut palms in the Maldives

The 5 main arrays of coconut palm frequently found in the Maldives include:

Nulu ruh: high palm bearing a green-colored coconutKuhi ruh: tall palm bearing both green and also red-colored coconutsRathu ruh: high palm bearing red-colored coconutsJaafaanu ruh: quick palm bearing a green-colored coconutDanbu ruh: quick palm bearing a red-colored coconut


The coconut palm is the most widely get an impression palm tree in the world, generally found across Africa, southern America and also Asia. Coconut palms require the humidity and also moisture that a dry or subtropical environment to survive and thrive. Due to the year-round heat weather of the Maldives, the coconut palm is grew on a big scale in the country.

They’re strong, their roots expand deep right into the soil and can live as much as 100 years in the wild. That is known as a ‘three-generation-tree’ as it provides coconuts to the people who tree it (bearing fruit in ~ 6 come 10 years), their children and also grandchildren.

Hold top top a minute. Fruit?

A coconut is no a nut. We might elaborate, but we won’t. The Coconut Song does a far better job 보다 a i of text. Enjoy!

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