And that arose, and rebuked the wind, and also said depend the sea, Peace, it is in still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.- mark 4:39 (KJV)

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Jesus Christ is the son of God; He was housed in a person body, yet without sin. He live thirty three years and was crucified top top a roman cross about 33 A.D. His mission is to disclose to the civilization Salvation by Grace for sinners through His vicarious (in ar of, a substitute) and also expiatory (to accomplish for, atonement) sacrifice top top the cross on a hill outside of Jerusalem in Israel.

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History records the following: one called Jesus the Nazareth was born that a virgin named Mary, of the family tree of King David the Israel. The was raised in the house of Joseph, a carpenter of Nazareth.

This exact same Jesus started His public ministry at period thirty. He asserted to it is in the kid of God, even God in the Flesh. He claimed that he came under from heaven, sent by His dad to declare the Glory of God (or the attributes of God) come men; additionally that He came to seek and to save the lost sheep that Israel; and also to it is in the King that His Kingdom.

He to be hated by the Pharisees the His day. They to be a spiritual sect who adhered to the Old Testament law (its ordinances, ceremonies, etc.), plus followed their own included laws, uncovered in the Talmud. They believed salvation was got by the keeping of the law. Vice versa, Jesus said, He was the finish of the legislation for righteousness.

Jesus claimed to be The Christ, The Messiah, that the Old testament prophecy that Isaiah 9:6-7, etc. He claimed to it is in the Savior that sinners by being their Substitute and Sacrifice because that sins on the cross; in order to reconciling sinners come God and also redeeming sinners native the curse that the broken law. And thus placing lock (sinners) in the place of Justification (or being asserted righteous before God).

The mainline religious Jews (the Pharisees) hated Jesus because that His insurance claim to be The Christ (The Messiah), also God in the Flesh, in prize to every prophecy taught in the Old testament of one dying for the guilty of the people. They hated Him for claiming to be the King the His Kingdom; for claiming to it is in the Lamb the God and the King of oh my god Kingdom.

The Pharisees had actually the Roman government condemn Jesus and then crucify that on a roman Cross for His claims. However, after three days and three nights in the grave, Jesus was elevated from the tomb alive, as He stated He would be.

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Thus, He became the sign to every sinners the He is in truth God, v all power in heaven and also in earth. The He walk in fact save sinners indigenous sin’s curse, in His death on the Cross as their Substitute; proving His victory over sin, hell, and the grave, through His Resurrection from the dead.

Who is Jesus Christ? that is God. That is our Savior from our sin debt. What is His mission come the world? to seek and also to save lost sinners, which the did ~ above the Cross. Therefore, the article of the Gospel the Jesus Christ is “Salvation is through grace and grace alone, and not by any merit of masculine works.”