In the movie National Treasure: book of Secrets, at the end and also in between, the president asks Ben a favor, something i beg your pardon was mentioned in web page 47 in the President"s book of Secrets.

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Does anybody understand what can be in page 47?




It"s extensively set-up the the content on page 47 concerns Area 51. Riley"s introduction of The book of secrets builds towards his assertion the it includes information top top Area 51. The object of Area 51 then conspicuously high-jacks the whole dialogue. Abigail calls it an "urban legend" and Riley responds: "Is that Abigail, is it?"

Abigail: "It"s just totally-"

Riley: "-Crazy?"

Abigail: "Yeah!"

Riley: "Huh, since last time i checked, we pretty much make our living on crazy"

Ben: "He"s acquired a point."

An inordinate amount of emphasis is inserted on this topic at this allude in the dialogue wherein it is neither crucial for plot, character, nor theme. It"s a tangent the is therefore seemingly off-colour to the National Treasure franchise the it fights to justify its very own validity. This, i suggest, is come properly establish Area 51 as a really real possibility in the series.

When the group ultimately finds The publication of Secrets, Riley identifies the Area 51 ar as Ben flips with the contents--but small time can be spared. Us are offered on-screen confirmation the Area 51 content in fact exist within The publication of Secrets, making it the only confirmed possibility for what might be had on page 47.

Ben"s critical words top top the subject offer us an additional hint. In ~ the really end of the film, the calls the components of page 47 "life altering," when describing them come the President. It should be recalled at this suggest that Riley very first calls Area 51 "the coup de grâce" which method "the fatality blow." these phrases are nearly interchangeable, since something the is life-altering can also be stated to be life-ending, because every new beginning to represent an ending. Behind part wordplay, the script doubles back on itself together both Riley and also Ben usage the same terminology come refer both to Area 51 and also the contents of page 47--implying that they space one and also the same.

But why the number 47? If this was any kind of movie however National Treasure it wouldn"t be virtually as ideal to assume the there need to be some hidden definition behind that number. We understand from the mix of the Resolute workdesks being the year 1846 that in National Treasure, the go-to encoded an interpretation for a number is a year of historic significance. This to be Ben"s very first assumption and also it was correct. That fact alone is its very own cipher: we are being told come think the numbers together dates. If 47 describes 1947, then we space looking at the exact same year that an ET handmade crash-landed in Roswell brand-new Mexico, effectively start the story that Area 51. The web page number 47 points come its own historical content.

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If it is the situation that National treasure 3 is all around around Area 51, then us may have actually our answer as to why the manuscript is acquisition so long. Such a leave from the timeless National Treasure mainstream historical content should be offering pause to its writers and also executives. However remember that even Indiana Jones (a similar form of franchise) ultimately ventured right into extraterrestrial are with panache. The facts suggest us there now with National endowment 3. The sensitivity around the topic of Area 51 being a project officially classified in the alleged attention of nationwide security additionally would explain why Turteltaub would want to remain noncommittal in his answers roughly the question, so the he can conveniently take the contents of the sequel into safer region if require be.

The last concern remaining is why the president would need Ben"s help regarding the components of page 47 if it"s about Area 51? It has actually recently to be speculated that particular presidents have actually wanted to disclose the truth of the ET engagement in human affairs to the world yet for various complex reasons cannot. It can be the the National Treasure president beseeches Ben, a male with a trusted record of proving historic mythology to be historic fact, for assistance on breaking the secrecy roughly Area 51 ~ above his behalf. This would certainly be the as necessary "life-altering" event, together Ben promises.