But if you to be a pan of Captain Kangaroo and also any of those an initial three staples that the display — Mr. Moose, rabbit Rabbit, grandfather Clock — climate you are also a pan of Cosmo Allegretti.

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Whether you know it or not.

You will certainly remember the countless lovable characters and segments that were created, or voiced, or puppeted by Cosmo Allegretti.

See …

Allegretti began on Captain Kangaroo as a set painter however eventually created and voiced many of the puppets that made the present special.

In one interview through the Miami Herald Allegretti said, “They told me,” ‘You look at too challenging for a children’s show. You’ll scare the kids.'”

But having studied arts in college his artistic skills were too an excellent not to usage him completely on the show.

For starters, Allegretti created, voiced, and puppeted Mr. Moose, that amused me come no end as a child! You simply knew Captain Kangaroo to be going to gain ping pong balls reduce on his head whenever Mr. Moose verified up.

It was super great clean fun, and also I always waited excitedly to see if the Captain would experience two ping pong ball droppings in one skit.

Bob Keeshan holds a carrot over Mr. Rabbit Rabbit. (Photo through  john Springer Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)

Allegrett also created and also puppeted Bunny rabbit (surprise, ns know, given the intro here).

Now, i didn’t to speak he voiced Bunny Rabbit but that is due to the fact that Bunny rabbit did not speak. And although he did not speak he was still maybe to somehow trick Captain Kangaroo the end of carrots the he maintained in his pocket.

Bunny Rabbit additionally got Mr. Moose right into all kinds of trouble and also just plain gained away v stuff top top the show. Because that a small fella who did no speak, that sure obtained others come speak a lot because that him. Plus, exactly how cute space his little glasses?

Another ongoing character top top Captain Kangaroo to be Dancing Bear. Guess who was inside that costume … walk ahead, okay wait.

No, it wasn’t Marlon Brando, stupid. It to be Cosmo Allegretti.

Dancing Bear had actually all type of lessons to teach us, and of course, he danced. That doesn’t love a to dance bear? (Ranger Smith, maybe? The bear’s human being dance partner? i don’t know …)

The Cosmo genius didn’t stop there, either.

Here room some other characters that Cosmo produced or voiced: grand Clock, the Magic illustration Board, miss Frog, Mr. Whispers, Rollo the Hippopotamus, Cornelius the Walrus, and also Uncle Ralph.

In the end, Cosmo did get his face on the display when he developed Dennis the Apprentice.

Dennis was kind of a strange tiny character, but he was a installation coming-out party because that a guy who just wanted to it is in a quiet and also gentle part of a classic television display like Captain Kangaroo.

Given that, ns wonder just how Cosmo Allegretti felt around all those decidedly unquiet and also ungentle ping pong balls!

(If friend love Captain Kangaroo, climate you probably love our post on photo Pages, click here.)

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January 20, 2020 in ~ 12:13 am

Cosmo Allegretti appeared as Mr. Bunny Rabbit and Mr. Moose (both of i beg your pardon he also created), Dennis the Apprentice, Willy, miss out on Frog, Mr. Whispers, dance Bear, grand Clock, and also Uncle Ralph; he was the voice of Aniforms puppet TV Fred (a live-action on-screen puppet that appeared behind the blackboard in the sweetheart House), and also was the artist behind the Magic drawing Board from left: dance Bear, hare Rabbit, Captain Kangaroo, grand Clock, pops Moose, and Mister green Jeans.

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