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For six television periods (1951-1957) and 100 episodes of The Roy Rogers Show, Bullet, the Wonder Dog, did every little thing a great dog have to do. The alerted Roy when bad guys come near, he chased the “black hats” as soon as necessary, and also he stepped in to rescue the show’s stars, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, when they needed help.

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Bullet was fast sufficient to keep up with camera shots of Roy galloping on cause in quest of something, and he to be smart sufficient to help Roy and Dale as soon as they were in a fix. As soon as not performing, Bullet lived a well life together the pet of Roy and also Dale.

The strength of “Wonder”

Simply calling her dog a “wonder dog” appears to have permitted the dog’s heritage to live on; the true wonder that the show seemed to have actually had more to execute with the smart pair who owned Bullet and also understood marketing. Though bullet was certainly obedient and also smart, ns was can not to i found it any details back story as to why he was termed a “wonder” dog. (I guess any dog we love is a “wonder” dog…)

Roy Rogers was born Leonard Slye (1911-1998); he and also his parents relocated from Ohio to California searching for work throughout the Depression. Leonard did every little thing from driving trucks to choose fruit. In ~ night that entertained the various other workers by playing his guitar and also singing, together he listed that his music resonated v his audience, he decided to move to Los Angeles

to end up being a performer. He developed “Sons that the Pioneers” and soon was showing up in westerns. In ~ some point he became great horseman.

But finest of all, Rogers to be smart sufficient to add into his contract (1940) that he had actually the ideal to every merchandising of anything produced in his likeness in voice or name. Toys, games, and comic books followed in large numbers.

Dale Evans to be born Francs Octavia blacksmith (1912-2001) and had a effective singing job long before she showed up with Roy Rogers. “Happy Trails,” the track that closed the end their television routine was composed by Dale.

The 2 married in 1947, she for the 4th time and also he because that the third; both carried children come the marriage.

The TV show with Trigger and Bullet

The television present was aligned for young people, and also it starred Roy Rogers together a ranch owner who lived in fictional Mineral City, and Dale Evans as the owner of the town’s Eureka Café. Play Brady was Roy’s humorous sidekick and Dale’s cook, and also Brady’s jeep, Nellybelle, was enough of a existence to be considered a personality on the show.

Trigger, a gorgeous Palomino, was said to be only the third mount auditioned because that the duty of Trigger. Roy determined the equine when he witnessed the horse’s abilities and his an answer to voice command or soft touch. Spurs were never ever used to encourage cause along.

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For many years a museum specialized to memorabilia native Roy and Dale was situated in Victorville, California. In 2003 that was relocated to Branson, Missouri where it was assumed that it would certainly be more popular. Unfortunately, the museum closeup of the door in early on 2010, and its materials were sold at auction. A kept version of bullet was sold for $35,000 and also a stuffed create was offered to the same buyer for an astounding $266,000. Reruns that the show can quiet be found on TV and many of castle are likewise on Youtube.

Your Wonder Dog?

We all have actually dogs we take into consideration “wonder dogs.” ns invite any type of of friend to write-up or compose me v stories of her dog’s accomplishments! (My very own dog has actually me scratching my head. She’s wearing a cone to keep her native licking at some brand-new stitches she had to have. In which method she regulated to scoop increase a plum from our yard and figure out exactly how to gain into she mouth—I know due to the fact that her cone is spanned in plum juice!)