Players who know their Pokémon history will understand that Tyrogue (Pokédex #236) was among a number of ‘baby’ Pokémon presented in the Johto region Gameboy color games Pokémon Gold and also Pokemon Silver.

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this Pokémon assisted to flesh out some popular evolutionary lines amongst the initial 151 – Pokémon daycare eggs got from Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee (and freshman Hitmontop) would hatch right into a brand-new common ancestor Pokémon: Tyrogue.

Appropriately then, In Pokémon GO, Tyrogue is one egg-exclusive Pokémon. just like all other ‘baby’ Pokémon, you’ll never ever encounter that in the wild (unless Niantic select to phase a distinct event). Instead, it hatches indigenous 5km and also 7km eggs. (Note: infant Pokémon haven’t always hatched from 7km eggs, and also future game updates might remove them from this group).

As you have the right to see from our egg distance guide, there room a many other potential hatches from 5km egg (55 at last count), so it might take you some time to luck right into hatching her Tyrogue – 7km egg have far better odds (until Niantic mixes up the hatching list).

On the shining side, egg hatches space guaranteed to have actually a good spread that IVs (the stats relayed in the ‘appraisal’ screen) – plus, you’ll obtain a comfortable amount of Tyrogue candy in addition to every one you hatch.

How to obtain and also hatch 5km and also 7km eggs

5km eggs may be randomly dispensed by spinning the sign on a Pokéstop or Gym (along v 2km and 10km eggs)7km egg are obtained in presents sent from various other Pokémon walk players (in your profile > friend section)You have the right to only lug a preferably of ripe eggs in ~ a time – eggs will not drop if you currently have ripe eggsOnce you’ve gained the egg girlfriend want, stick that in an incubator and also go because that a to walk – rinse and repeat until you acquire your Tyrogue

Tyrogue Evolution: exactly how to obtain Hitmontop, Hitmonchan and also Hitmonlee

Just as acquiring Tyrogue is reminiscent of the games it initially featured in, that branching evolution alternatives are taken on in a means inspired by (but not specifically identical to) the rules of the handheld series. Whereas those gamings determine the evolution based upon the Attack and Defense stats of your Tyrogue, in Pokémon GO certain Attack, Defense and also HP stats are connected with every evolution:

Hitmonlee is linked with AttackHitmonchan is associated with DefenseHitmontop is connected with HP

Thankfully, checking a Pokémon’s IVs has come to be very an easy since a July 2019 update to the appraisal attribute – for this reason there"s no should use one IV Checker device to figure out what you"re going come get. It’s currently a basic case of checking the appraisal feature on your Pokémon"s standing page, and also seeing which bar (Attack, Defense, HP) is longest.

Between bar length and the icon provided on the ‘evolve’ button, the screenshots below plainly illustrate how you deserve to now quickly tell i m sorry Tyrogue development you will get for her 25 candies:

If assault IVs room highest, her Tyrogue will become a Hitmonlee
If Defense IVs room highest, her Tyrogue will come to be a Hitmonchan
If HP IVs are highest, her Tyrogue will come to be a Hitmonchan

But what if your Tyrogue has actually two or more highest IVs of equal value? You will then receive a random development from amongst the valid options, because that example:

If Attack and Defense room equal, her Tyrogue can be one of two people a Hitmonlee or HitmonchanIf Attack, Defense and also HP space equal, her Tyrogue will certainly evolve right into Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan or Hitmontop

Getting all three evolutions is a task that will take a while to finish - however, the is precious noting the unlike Tyrogue, all three evolutions have the right to be encountered in the wild.

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Happy hunting (and hatching)!

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