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CategoriesNooks and also cranniesYesteryearSemantic enigmasThe body beautifulRed tape, white liesSpeculative scienceThis sceptred isleRoot of every evilEthical conundrumsThis sporting lifeStage and also screenBirds and also the bees THIS SCEPTRED ISLEWhat would take place if nobody vote in the general election? would certainly the federal government of the day save power also though it got no support? Michael Hoyle, Louth, Lincolnshire v turnout fallout’s as rapid as that is, it"s more than likely only a issue of time prior to we discover out. Note Fletcher, Streatham, London, UK because the vote at every seat disputed would be a tie the result of every constituency election would certainly be chose by lot. This would virtually certainly an outcome in no party gaining in its entirety control and many more seats going to parties outside the big three. Roger Thomson, Brighton, eastern Sussex labour would success on the postal vote. Dolge Orlick, Hamburg, Germany condition quo. Also if nobody of the basic public voted, you deserve to be sure the politicians would poll for themselves. Christopher Woods, Mt Victoria, NSW, Australia other very comparable happened in Hounslow in ~ the critical local government elections. I acquired a letter saying that voting had actually been cancelled because there were only two candidates standing for two positions on the council because that my ward. They were both "elected" there is no a single vote gift cast. Allan fletcher, Hounslow, England If nobody voted, there would be no prime minister, for this reason dissolving parliament. The extreame outcome would certainly be the UK returning ago to an pure monarchy just like it had actually been before the english civil war. Jamie Moore, Folkestone that would never happen. If nobody rather voted the Conservative"s would constantly ensure the their world got come the polling station, and their civilization are the whole problem. Codger Wilts, Westbury, UK The power structure would be rendered illegitimate. We would certainly be challenged with the choice of enabling the facility to impose their own federal government of kinds in the circumstances which would certainly be an ext representative that multi-partisanal voices yet nevertheless still undemocratic. Gift revealed together an unjust pecking order only serving the needs of ruling course privilege, I would certainly hope that individuals would begin the process of regaining individual obligation for their very own actions, strength over your own critical minds and also in this method come to adopt self-rule together the just sustainable and non-violent option. Melissa klatsia, manchester england If nobody poll in the general elections, then it"s a grave wrong by the world as the act would certainly be identified to imposing a government that won"t it is in our representative and would not serve the commonality! Asif Wahab, Peshawar Pakistan Asif Wahab....since when has actually our U.K government done something in the attention of the people. The seats would be drawn from a hat and awarded to a wide range of party members from various other parties 보다 the large three....this might be a an excellent thing as no one party would certainly rule and also the people may acquire a chance to say just how things should be run....or the monarchy can vote no confidence and devolve the government and also return come monarch ruled sovereign state. Ash Davies, Lowestoft suffolk add your answer

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