AA closer look at the story the Severus, Lily and Petunia through the victor language that flowers, or floriography.

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The victor language of flower was used ago in the 1800s to send systematic messages, convey deep secrets and share moments. Practically every flower has actually a special an interpretation and, in times when some words might not be spoken aloud, bouquets would certainly say a thousands words.

There are hidden meanings throughout all the bother Potter books, yet what perform we learn about Lily, Petunia and also Severus as soon as we research their stories through this language in mind?

Asphodel and wormwoodIf his an initial words come Harry space anything to walk by, the language the flowers says that Snape deeply regrets Lily porter death.

‘What would I obtain if I included powdered source of asphodel come an infusion of wormwood?’ The answer deserve to be discovered in Harry Potter and also the Half-Blood Prince when Professor Slughorn asks the course to brew the breeze of living Death. Interestingly, this is after ~ Harry found Snape’s copy that Advanced Potion-Making and also followed his instructions to prepare the perfect draught.

Asphodel is a form of lily and means ‘remembered past the tomb’ or ‘my regrets follow you come the grave’ when wormwood is often connected with remorse or bitterness.

Monkshood and wolfsbaneSnape likewise asks harry what the distinction is in between monkshood and wolfsbane. It is perhaps a an ext poignant sentence when looked at with the language the flowers. Monkshood is associated with ‘chivalry’ if wolfsbane have the right to mean ‘misanthropy’ or a dislike that others.

Here it might be claimed that Snape is compare the heroic action of Lily Potter with Snape’s own distrustful nature. Or even perhaps in between Harry, the Boy that Lived, and himself.


Lily PotterA lily deserve to be interpreted as ‘beauty, elegance, sweetness’. This highlight flower is basic to grow, as long as that is planted in the appropriate place. Castle also, according to gardening manuals, do wonderful cut flowers.

Enter Severus; his name have the right to be checked out to median to reduced or come sever - and also this is precisely what the inadvertently does come Lily’s partnership with her sister, Petunia. As 2 magical children, Lily and Severus had actually something in common that Petunia might never understand. Compounded by Albus Dumbledore’s kindly refusal of Petunia’s inquiry to study at Hogwarts, Lily’s friendship through Snape collection the scene for the future grandm Dursley’s endless bitterness towards Lily and her son, Harry.

Petunia DursleySusceptible to damage and also best grown in a container or basket, the petunia needs shelter native the wind and also plenty of light. It is likewise a flower that can, in the language that flowers, typical ‘resentment and also anger’. A quite apt summary of a mrs who never told she nephew exactly how his mother passed away until she was in a rage: ‘- and also then, if friend please, she went and got herself blown up…’

In Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows Harry sees a memory of his mother. She picks up a flower and also magically provides it open and close that is petals; Petunia is outraged, however filled with concealed longing.

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Severus appears and tells Lily she is a witch and Petunia that she is a Muggle. That a scene full of meaning, even an ext so if we think about some that the concealed depths to this names and moments.